Farrah Abraham Slams Amber Portwood As ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Brawl Begins Airing

Farrah Abraham is the most controversial Teen Mom star in the entire franchise. She beats Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 by a mile. From losing her daughter’s father before giving birth to making molds of her body to sell as sex toys, Abraham has been through a lot. The last two seasons of Teen Mom OG have shown Farrah in a light that wasn’t very flattering, and her co-stars were pretty upset with how she was treating the production team. Things escalated back in October when the reunion special was taped, and it was brutal.

Simon Saran started many of the current problems between Farrah Abraham and the other girls. He was roasting the stars of the show on Snapchat, which angered all of them. During part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion special, Amber Portwood told Dr. Drew Pinsky exactly what she thought of Abraham, which wasn’t pretty. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Farrah Abraham slammed Amber Portwood on Instagram with a meme featuring side-by-side photos of Portwood and Miss Piggy. This was one of the most in-your-face things Abraham has done as she is usually very passive-aggressive.

This feud between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood has really reached the boiling point. The two attempted to physically fight at the reunion, but it was stopped before they could get too far. MTV showed footage of the remaining part of the reunion which will air on December 5, and it is going to be intense. Abraham has not tried to right things with Portwood at all. It appears the two are still just as angry and bitter as they were on the initial day of filming. Since the two are not living close to one another, their feud is playing out completely on social media for everyone to see.

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There has been some talk about Farrah Abraham being done with Teen Mom OG. The girls are currently filming the next season, but after that, she is done. Amber Portwood tweeted something about not returning to the show if they edit out what Abraham really said during the reunion. She is really upset about how the network and Dr. Drew Pinsky have allowed Abraham to act over the last several years. In fact, both Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout feel the same way.

Without Farrah Abraham, the show will still go on. She believes otherwise and has actually spoken out about how she is the reason the show does so well and why people continue to watch while trashing her co-stars in the same breath. The Teen Mom OG reunion special will show Abraham’s co-stars telling Dr. Drew Pinsky about Abraham and then walking off the stage together, standing united. Fans are eagerly anticipating part two of the reunion to watch as the brawl goes down.

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Now that Farrah Abraham has come back out slamming Amber Portwood for how she looks, there is speculation some retaliation will occur on social media. This feud has escalated past brutal and has hit the evil category. Portwood opened up about how she felt before her surgery, and Abraham took that and mocked her on social media with a Miss Piggy meme. Fans have slammed her for doing that, especially since she is raising a little girl who could one day be a target of mean things like this. Next Monday night is going to be filled with anticipation as Teen Mom OG fans wait to watch the brawl. Farrah Abraham has really pushed too far this time, and it seems Amber Portwood isn’t someone who is going to sit back and allow it without saying or doing something in response.

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