Marijuana Brownies Laced With LSD Send Texas Teen To The Hospital

Marijuana brownies laced with LSD taken to Bryon Nelson High School landed a girl in the hospital and a boy in a host of legal trouble. The young man accused of taking the drug-laced treat to his Trophy Club school could be charged with a felony for making the unknowing teen girl sick.

The mother of the girl who accidentally ingested pot brownies laced with LSD is reportedly concerned about how the situation was handled. When the 17-year-old teen started to reach for imaginary items in the air, the school nurse correctly guessed that something more than cannabis might have been inside the illegal brownies, according to My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth News.

Tests on the chocolate treats confirmed that both marijuana and LSD were present. Trophy Club Police Department Commander Lee Delk had this to say about the LSD at the Texas high school:

“That is a huge concern. It elevates it from a Class A misdemeanor to a state jail felony. It’s a very serious deal. It’s not your run of the mill drug. I’ve been here close to 20 years and I can’t recall a time that I have seen LSD come through town.”

According to police reports, a 15-year-old boy allegedly told the girl there was pot in the brownies but neglected to mention the treat also contained LSD.

The unnamed girl’s mother had this to say about what happened to her daughter:

“She just said that he offered her a brownie at lunch and she said, ‘You know, I took it because I thought he was being nice.’ She went down to the school nurse and told her she’d eaten a brownie and this boy had told her there was something in it and then she threw up and then after that they told me she just passed out and they called 911.”

The young girl is reportedly recovering well, and police officers are attempting to track down the source of the LSD, the Star-Telegram reports.

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