Jessa Duggar Includes New Baby Seewald In Family Christmas Plans, ‘Jill And Jessa Counting On’ Star Makes News After Jinger Duggar’s Wedding

Jessa Duggar is now over seven months pregnant with her second baby. Knowing that Christmas is just around the corner, she has been putting her nesting instincts to good use by decking out her family home with holiday decorations. When doing so, Jill and Jessa Counting On star did not forget to include her upcoming baby Seewald in making family Christmas traditions come alive.

One of the most important aspects of Christmas decorations for Duggar has been the stockings by the fireplace. To make the second baby feel welcome in the family, Jessa has hung up a fourth stocking, right next to hers, Ben’s, and Spurgeon’s.

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With her younger sister Jinger Duggar’s wedding out of the way, it looks like Jessa had a lot of free time on her hands to make the house particularly festive.

This autumn has been a busy period for the Duggars. Jinger got engaged and married to Jeremy Vuolo, with a wedding in early November that brought in over 1,000 guests; the 19-year-old Joy-Anna announced that she is courting Austin Forsythe, whom she has known for 15 years; and Josh Duggar, the one that got the family TLC show 19 Kids and Counting cancelled with his scandals, was shown spending Thanksgiving with the rest of the Duggars on Facebook.

All these news and activities seemed not to have thrown the 24-year-old mother off her track. She managed to celebrate her own birthday, as well as her baby Spurgeon’s, in the middle of it all.

Her husband Ben Seewald made extra efforts to show his wife that she is greatly loved and appreciated by everyone in her family. He even took to Instagram, which he uses only sporadically, to publicly mark her birthday.

“Jessa Blessa, you are a blessing to us,” he wrote. “Happy Birthday! You went from being a high energy fun loving child, to a fun loving, responsible, mature, visionary, virtuous wife and mother. You have inspired thousands of young ladies to seek God, to wait for the one God has for them, and set an example how to dress modern, but modest.”

And now that she is over seven months pregnant, it looks like all the Duggars are chipping in to help as much as they can.

Her sister, Jill Duggar, even stepped in with her midwifery skills to let her sister hear her baby’s heartbeats. When they closed in for a listen, they found that a surprise was in store for them.

In the latest trailer for Counting On, Jill and Jessa found that there may be more than one baby in the oven.

“We don’t know if it’s twins or just one,” Jessa said in the video.

“It could be just one baby with good variability in the heart beat or it could be two different babies,” Jill added.

Knowing that their mother, Michelle Duggar, had twins for her second pregnancy, there is some chance that her own daughter may replicate the pattern.

Come what may in 2017, Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald have been keeping busy with their 1-year-old son Spurgeon. They have been posting countless videos and pictures of their growing boy, letting his unique personality shine through in their posts.

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They also joined the rest of the Duggars in the Ozarks for Thanksgiving, instilling the importance of family and holiday season in Spurgeon.

“Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday,” the Duggars wrote on Facebook. “It’s a beautiful day spent with family, food we love and most of all it is a poignant reminder of the many blessings our lives enjoy, for which we should be thankful. This year for Thanksgiving, we spent a few days together with our family in a cabin in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We’ve laughed together, cooked together, sang together, told fun family stories, played with kids and bounced babies. It’s been a wonderful family time.”

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