Here Are 25 Photos Of Trump That He Might Love — After Photo Trump Hates Goes Viral

There’s a certain photo of President-elect Donald Trump that is currently going viral. As seen in the below tweet from Charles Johnson, whose Twitter profile describes him as the “founder and programmer of” the popular website, Little Green Footballs, the photo of Mr. Trump making a funny face has been retweeted nearly 30,000 times via that tweet alone.

As reported by Politico, Trump let the media know that he hated the above photo when he referenced NBC using it, and he told NBC News President Deborah Turness directly that NBC would not use a nice picture of him. According to the publication, Trump complained about the media as a whole being “dishonest” and spoke specifically about CNN and NBC News, calling the networks “the worst.” But it’s the above photo that Trump allegedly railed on NBC for using, stating “this picture of me” specifically in reference to the photo that highlights Trump’s chin that wasn’t flattering. In reply, Turness told Trump there was a “nice” photo of Trump on their website at the moment.

In that spirit, here are 25 photos of Trump in the following photo gallery that might be considered nicer than the above one currently going viral, with Johnson sarcastically quipping that no one should retweet the photo of Trump. Ever. Perhaps the following — ahem — more flattering — ahem — photos of Mr. Trump can be shared aplenty.

As reported by Slate, President-elect Trump conducted the meeting with the dreaded media, with bigwigs like ABC, CBS, and NBC joining in on the fun. CNN and Fox News weren’t left out of the powwow, which included about 30 reporters.

According to the New York Post, Trump’s meeting with the media was like being in front of a firing squad. The events contained within and discussion of the meeting, although allegedly off the record, made it to the press anyway — as would be expected in a room full of reporters. Folks on Trump’s side included Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus, controversial Trump pick Stephen Bannon, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Also in the meeting were Jason Miller, a spokesperson, as well as Sean Spicer.

However, despite the controversial talk about the unflattering photo, the point of the meeting between Trump and the media was to “reset” Trump’s sometimes contentious relationship with the press. There was also talk of how a Trump administration would treat the press pool, as reported by Slate.

[Image by Elise Amendola/AP Images]

As seen in the above photo, Trump held his hand in front of his son Barron Trump’s mouth, trying to quiet Barron back on September 8, 2008.

Meanwhile, quotes from social media about Trump’s photos can be read below. Plenty of those tweets about photos Trump hates feature unflattering photos, some of which appear to have been altered to make Trump look even worse.

: “Do NOT use this photo of Donald Trump. He does NOT like it. He told reporters he HATES it. Please RETWEET.”

: “TrumpHATES this quadruple chin pic b/c it makes him look like . I’d tell u DON’T Tweet it, but it’s ur right.”

: “Trump hates this picture and threatened to cut off NBC for using it. I say make it our go to pic of him on Twitter & his official portrait.”

“Whatever you do, do NOT post this on Trump’s twitter feed everyday. He hates this picture!”

: “Donald Trump hates pictures of him with double chins. So I’m begging you, please do not retweet this photo of him with a YUGE double chin.”

“Trump hates this photo. Even yelled at the media for using it. So we should never pass it around for fun.”

[Featured Image by Elise Amendola/AP Images]