‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Tonight’s Season Premiere Promises More Drama Than Ever Before

Despite her world of legal troubles, the latest Dance Moms spoilers suggest that Abby Lee Miller isn’t taking her foot off the drama pedal for one blessed minute! In fact, in tonight’s season premiere, there’s nothing but drama ready to be served on the menu, and it’s fresh and piping hot!

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Dance Moms spoilers.

According to Ecumenical News‘ latest round of Dance Moms spoilers, an old nemesis will turn up on Abby Lee Miller’s doorstep: one Cathy Nesbitt-Stein! This, actually, was the last thing our girl Abby needed: between her legal woes and the Elites turning on her, Abby doesn’t need any more drama in her life. And given the look on her face when she sees Cathy, it seems like Abby agrees that she simply does not need this right now.

Nesbitt-Stein, who currently runs the Candy Apple’s Dance Center, is poised to be Abby’s biggest competition this season, and given the fact that Abby’s teams can’t seem to get it together long enough to make a good plan, it looks like the ALDC will experience losses for the first time in history!

Meanwhile, the latest Dance Moms spoilers from International Business Times UK suggests that even though the Elites claim to have dumped Abby, they’re going to at least be on the first part of the season premiere. And, in fact, Abby’s own words suggest that it was she who ditched the Elites, not the other way around!

“I need winners on this team. I’m creating one super team. I want to go back to the glory days. We gotta get rid of whose holding this team back. Nobody is safe.”

Granted, Abby has a habit of ditching long-time dancers for “new blood,” especially if there’s a championship at stake. But as she correctly pointed out, the ALDC is no longer in the “glory days,” when the Ziegler sisters and Chloe Lukasiak were in the studio. If Abby wishes to retain her former glory, is this course of action wise?

Meanwhile, the latest round of Dance Moms spoilers from Christian Today suggest that Abby is certainly going to have her hands full with this “super group” that, she hopes, will restore her studio’s former glory. So far, the two newest members are Daviana Fletcher and Camryn Bridges. However, Maesi Caes, Chloe Folce, Emma Hodges, and Taylor Tucker have also auditioned for the team.

And as Abby is wont to do, she aired her frustrations with this new “supergroup” out on social media.

“The network/production co sent the #ALDCMinis home today. I’m sick over it! They are talented first & foremost, but also respectful, hard working, dedicated, and a joy for our entire faculty to work with! I’m sure in time the world would’ve come to know and love them just like all of you did with a different bunch of little girls I introduced to you 5 years ago!”

Tonight, we will see which dancers made the final cut for the super group when the season premiere of Dance Moms airs at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Check your local listings for the channel.

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