Ariel Winter Talks Body Confidence, Cites Sofia Vergara As Role Model

At just the young age of 18, Ariel Winter is clearly comfortable in her own skin. The Modern Family actress is known for her sometimes provocative photos and sexy selfies shared, which she shares on social media. Ariel admits there is one voluptuous and sensual woman she looks up to when it comes to discovering her own body confidence.

The actress, who plays the nerdy Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, has been in the spotlight ever since she was 11-years-old. Ariel Winter knows what it’s like to go through those awkward teenage years with the world watching her every move. She also has been through her share of body shaming on social media.

In a new interview with New York Magazine, Winter cited Sofia Vergara as one of her role models. The sexy star helped Winter ignore the body shamers and trolls.

“Working with Sofia Vergara and growing up with her was great, because she was, you know, a really amazing, curvy role model for me. She helped me learn to accept the way I looked and love it and dress for it, and feel good about myself.”

Winter also admitted that her own sister, 38-year-old Shanelle Grey, has been a major influence on her life. The sisters were just seen getting matching tattoos on social media, according to a previous report via the Daily Mail. Last week, Winter revealed a new tattoo on her forearm thanks to tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Winter and Grey’s matching tattoos read a “very special date.” During the interview, Winter explained what role her older sister played in her life.

“My sister was also amazing for me, because she was the type of person who would go to the grocery store in sandals and socks and pajamas, and would feel great about herself. Then she’d go out to an event and get dressed up, and feel the same amount of great about herself.”

She was still a child when Modern Family first premiered on television. Winter says she recalls being bullied and body shamed at such a young age, especially when her body was starting to develop.

“I remember being completely flat everywhere – I had no curves, and I was getting hate for that. But then, I was 12, my body changed, and I had boobs and a butt and these new curves.”

She also admitted that she would go on “crash diets” when she was younger. Winter also felt so uncomfortable in her skin that she would change the way she dressed to appease people on social media. Since Winter realized that she can’t please everyone, she started doing what makes her happy.

The brunette starlet was shown seen off her curves during a recent night out, as seen in the photo above. On Friday, November 25, Winter was spotted entering West Hollywood hotspot Delilah in a black silk jumpsuit that featured a plunging neckline. The romper left very little to the imagination as it plunged to just above Winter’s belly button and was thigh-skimming, allowing her to show off her legs. Winter paired her look with black Louboutin peep-toe pumps and a black leather structured handbag.

She wore her revealing ensemble with a few pieces of dainty jewelry and wore her signature raven hair down with a middle part. Winter finished off her look with red lipstick, metallic eyeshadow, and false lashes. The previous day, according to the Daily Mail, Winter wished her fans a happy Thanksgiving by sharing a video that showed her blowing a kiss from inside a park.

In the video, Winter was seen rocking a gray mini sweater dress with black opaque tights. She also paired her look with black ankle boots. Winter was accepted into UCLA earlier this year but admitted back in September that she is deferring her placement for a year due to her work schedule. She will start college in fall of 2017.

[Featured image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

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