WWE News: Roman Reigns And Kevin Owens Could Be Facing Off For Both Championships Soon

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has had quite a difficult time trying to get fans on his side since The Shield ended, and it has made many wonder if Reigns will ever manage to get cheers over the severe amount of boos he gets today. Many fans feel that Reigns will never manage to see major success with the WWE if he cannot, somehow, get fans to cross over and care about him like they did when he was part of The Shield.

It seems that WWE recognizes this as well, which is why they have begun to put him with Seth Rollins recently as a way for the two to reform a mini-Shield team. Obviously, this is by no means a Shield reunion due to Dean Ambrose being on WWE SmackDown Live while they are both on WWE Monday Night RAW, but it does mean that WWE feels that Reigns must have someone to help him reach the next level, even at the expense of the partner doing so.

WWE has been doing a lot of interestingly things on television regarding Roman Reigns and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. WWE has seemingly teased this rivalry for a bit. According to Ringside News, the original plan was for the match between the two to happen at The Royal Rumble. However, it appears they’re starting it a bit earlier as the two could be facing off on WWE Roadblock at the end of December.

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Interestingly, at WWE Live Events, the company has been putting both in a match with the United States Title on the line in each one with Reigns coming out on top. Weirdly enough, they’re having their top guy/champion in Kevin Owens go down to the lesser star at live events. Once again, the theory is proven that Reigns does get some special treatment here and there, mainly because he is in a position like this.

WWE very well could be putting the two in a match very soon, but they could be starting it in a unique way. They could have Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns agree to a WWE United States Title match first, where Reigns says in order to get an opportunity for the WWE Universal Championship, he would be willing to put his U.S. Title on the line against KO first.

This is not a title vs. title stipulation, but rather a one title only match that if Reigns wins would guarantee him a match at The Royal Rumble against Owens for his Universal Title. Obviously this would be theoretical, but if they’re already main eventing live events with just one title being on the line, it would make sense for that to continue going forward.

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To make it worth his while, Owens would want to have Reigns give him a shot at the U.S. Title and he would have to beat Owens to deserve a title shot in his eyes. This would give fans an Owens/Reigns rivalry for two months. It would result in Roman Reigns losing at the end of the day, but the extension of a rivalry is good when there are various issues with storylines that were originally planned.

For example, WWE did, at one point, plan for Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens to split. They’re obviously still together and it is doubtful they will be split up as fast as we all thought. Due to this, we could see Jericho end up in a match with Owens near WrestleMania 33, as weird as that sounds. While Finn Balor was set to face Owens early on at the event for the Universal Title at Mania, those plans may have shifted due to recent love for Jericho.

With all of this being said, the creative material for the next number of months is completely different from the original plan. We certainly will be seeing some interesting material. That will most likely include Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens the most, at least for WWE RAW. The question is, could all of this creative craziness lead to another Roman Reigns World Title run?

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