November 28, 2016
'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis Disturbed By Thomas Ravenel Drinking Around Kids At Thanksgiving [Exclusive]

Thanksgiving was a difficult day for Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis, as it was a day that her children, Kensie and Saint, were to be with their father, Thomas Ravenel. But the day was made harder when she saw on social media that her ex, Ravenel, was "day drinking" with their kids present, violating their parenting agreement. It was made even worse when Ravenel posted the video (which he has since taken down) which included him serving wine to the nanny's under-aged daughter (rumored to be Ravenel's latest snog buddy) who was holding 1-year-old Saint in her lap.

Season 4 of Southern Charm seemed like it would not include Kathryn Dennis, who had just returned to Charleston after what she calls a "productive" stay in a Malibu rehab facility, says the Inquisitr. But the producers at Bravo decided that the show would not be the same without Dennis, and their differences were worked out. And Dennis says she is grateful that she gets to return and show fans the new and improved Kathryn, who is laser-focused on being the best mom possible to the "loves of her life" Kensie and Saint, and showing them that she can move on, happily, with her life.

Kathryn Dennis says she is living as clean as possible, so she was not asked to take part in a video and article by Bravo that asked the Southern Charm cast how they cope with hangovers, but featured in the video talking about the way he treats his overindulgence was Thomas Ravenel. Ravenel says he treats his hangovers with a "cappuccino with one sugar in the raw, and a warmed up blueberry muffin."


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But Landon Clements hit the nail on the head of the problems that exist by saying the best thing to do if you have a hangover is to wake up and start drinking all over again, favoring a Bloody Mary or Bailey's Irish Cream and coffee.

"The best hangover cure is just to start drinking again."
But Kathryn Dennis no longer agrees, and said she got caught up in the culture of day drinking that was the norm on the set of Southern Charm, and she now realizes that she doesn't want to participate in that. She absolutely does not want her kids, Kensie and Saint, around it. That's why she was so upset when Thomas Ravenel posted a video on Twitter of himself, the kids, and two other individuals sitting around a table, each with full wine glasses and several opened bottles of wine in the middle of the day (sunlight can be seen through the curtains). Dennis saw this as Ravenel saying that the rules of the court did not pertain to him.

In an exclusive, All About the Tea shared the details of Kathryn's agreement with Thomas Ravenel, and reported in detail that according to the agreement with the court signed by Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, not only are they not allowed to drink at all when it is their turn to have custody of the kids, but they are not allowed to have had a drink within twelve hours of the arrival of the children. Kensie and Saint at a table where all of their caretakers are drinking wine is a clear violation of the court agreement.

After seeing the video, Kathryn Dennis took to Twitter to respond.

"Downtown at this hour is not for children. I run a tight schedule and it doesn't include surrounding them with alcohol."
A follower of Thomas Ravenel then pounced on Dennis, taunting her by saying that Dennis is without her children for the first time on the Thanksgiving holiday.
But fans of Dennis had her back, saying that it's called being an adult and sharing custody with the father of your kids. Kathryn Dennis also says that the restaurant, Halls, is one of Ravenel's favorite drinking spots, and he had specifically told Kathryn that he was having "a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home."
"Thomas sent me a text, saying that they were having a family Thanksgiving at home. I'm not quite sure why plans changed, and how they got home with the kids safely after all drinking at dinner. The safety of the kids must come first."
Kathryn says despite this setback over a disagreement about drinking in front of the children, she is committed to raising Kensie and Saint together with Ravenel. She explained that after Thanksgiving, the children returned to her and were excited for craft time and a chance to make Ravenel a keepsake for the holiday.

"We made a handprint turkey for Thomas, and put it in a shadow box so he can hang it up at his house," says Dennis. "Saint tried to help, but much of the work was done by Kensie, and she is so excited for her daddy to see it!"

Do you think that both Southern Charm stars should have to follow the rules of their agreement?

[Featured Image by Kathryn Calhoun Dennis]