'The Flash' Spoilers For The CW’s Big Weeklong DC Superhero Crossover

The following contains potential The Flash spoilers for this week's big episode in which the Flash crosses over with The CW's other DC superhero characters on Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. This multi-night event is a bigger crossover than the network has ever attempted before, and there's actually a lot riding on how it works out. For one thing, it serves as a platform for promoting any of the DC shows that aren't doing quite as well.

What's It All about?

The upcoming episode of The Flash – and indeed the entire crossover event – revolves around the alien race known as the Dominators. In the comic books, these aliens view the development of humans with superpowers as a potential threat in the future, and so decided to wipe us out.

It seems as though this theme will be carried over almost exactly in this week's crossover event. The aliens flatly say they want to eliminate the "scourge" on Earth, by which they apparently mean human beings.

It's fairly clear from the promotional trailers that the scene in which the Flash walks up to a crashed or landed alien spacecraft and gets flung backward by what looks like a force field must be in The Flash episode itself, rather than one of the later scenes on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow.

Timely The Flash Spoilers

It's important to note from the start that even though Supergirl airs one day before The Flash, it seems as though the beginning of The Flash episode might jump back in time a bit to review why Barry went to get Supergirl in the first place.

There probably two reasons for this rather awkward storytelling device in the show. The first is that back when the big crossover event for this year was originally being planned, Supergirl was still on CBS and wasn't going to be a part of it. So when Supergirl moved to The CW, she had to be shoehorned in.

The other reason is that Supergirl airs on Monday and The Flash airs on Tuesday. This means that for Barry to decide on The Flash that he needs to recruit Supergirl to fight off the menace of the Dominators – an alien race invading your planet – he would either have to do it on the previous week's episode of The Flash, or have a retrospective scene or two the day after Supergirl airs.

Apparently, the producers chose option two. Obviously, if The Flash aired on Monday and Supergirl on Tuesday, this wouldn't really have been an issue. Still, it's a fairly minor bump in the road along the way to what looks like a fantastic The Flash episode and the best The CW crossover ever.

Recruiting on The Flash

Spoilers can be hard to define. For some people, any information about the upcoming episode of The Flash would be considered a spoiler. But anyone who has seen the teaser trailers over the last two weeks knows that – except for recruiting Supergirl at the end of her show – this week's episode of The Flash is in part about him recruiting his team – dare one say league? – to fight off the alien invasion.

'The Flash' spoilers. Flash and his League.
'The Flash' spoilers. Flash and his League. [Image by The CW]

So we see the Flash showing up at Oliver Queen's place to recruit him, Diggle, and Speedy – who for the emergency is apparently hopping back into the superhero game. The later scene in which Barry and Cisco return with Supergirl shows the Legends of Tomorrow squad and the Arrow crew already there.

So The Flash spoilers here mean that everyone joining the fight is fully assembled – to coin a phrase – at least by the end of The Flash episode. This nicely sets up the battles we will probably see on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

[Featured Image by The CW]