How To Beat ‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ With A Magikarp—Yes, It’s Possible

So you’ve finished Pokémon Sun And Moon in just a week. If you think you’re good, try beating the game with just a Magikarp—just like how this lady did.

Beating a Pokémon game, as a fellow Pokémon trainer, honestly takes weeks (maybe even months if you’re a busy body) of hard work and grinding. And that’s not even enough time to let you collect all the Pokémon you wanted to collect, or even come close to catching ’em all. Pokémon Sun And Moon is no exception to this, although a lot of players are reportedly finishing the game just more than a week after Pokémon Sun And Moon released.

But if you think that’s pretty good for them to finish Pokémon Sun And Moon in just over a week, or if you’re one of those people and you’re patting yourself on the back for doing such a marvelous job, you might want to think again. How about trying to beat Pokémon Sun And Moon with just a Magikarp?

Well, the Japanese have done it again. They’ve accomplished incredible feats everywhere, and Pokémon Sun And Moon is just no exception. Forbesreports that a resourceful and very hard working Japanese gamer has managed to beat Pokémon Sun And Moon using one of the most useless characters in whole Pokémon franchise: Magikarp.

If you’ve been with the Pokémon franchise from the beginning, you’re sure to be acquainted with Magikarp, that useless Pokémon with that one useless move. Magikarp has always held a special place in Pokémon trainers’ hearts because hard work and patience with this Pokémon will earn you a magnificent Gyarados. But in Pokémon Sun And Moon, it seems like you don’t even need to evolve Magikarp into Gyarados anymore for her to become a significant Pokémon.

It all started when a Japanese gamer that goes by the Twitter handle @Nakano_Official caught a Magikarp last November 18.

In no time, @Nakano_Official then posted earlier this week to announce that she has beaten Pokémon Sun And Moon using a Magikarp.

Written in Japanese, her tweet reads as follows.

“I made it to the hall of fame in Pokémon Sun and Moon just using a Magikarp I caught! I’m having sushi for dinner tonight!”

A side note, the sushi pun is because Magikarp is called “Yashoku” and “Yashoku” in Japanese also means “evening meal.”

Right off the bat, you’re thinking, how come Magikarp goes all the way to the Hall of Fame without turning into Gyrados? Well, @Nakano_Official’s Magikarp might be at Level 70 but she’s holding an Everstone to keep her from evolving. Now on to the real strategy.

If you’ve played Magikarp in Pokémon Sun And Moon, you’ll notice that Alolan Magikarp has more than the Splash move now. Magikarp in Pokémon Sun And Moon is also equipped with a Normal attacked called Flail. Flail works in such a way that the lower the Pokémon’s HP is, the more damage the attack causes to the opponent. In one of @Nakano_Official’s images, we can see that Magikarp is at a 3/168 HP. This could mean that the Flail attack could be performing at its optimum capacity.

Some Pokémon Sun And Moon trainers, however, could not believe that a lowly Magikarp could completely wipe out the Elite Four. Having battled the Elite Four in various Pokémon titles, one should note that the Elite Four’s Pokémon combined will always have one of each type of Pokémon. This means that @Nakano_Official must have battled with a ghost type Pokémon using her Magikarp.

The thing with Flail is, since it is a normal kind of attack, it won’t work on ghost type Pokémon. This is what left Pokémon Sun And Moon trainers thinking if @Nakano_Official’s achievement is legitimate. @Nakano_Official then explains that when Magikarp uses up all its PP for the Flail move, the Pokémon will be forced to use Struggle, a classic Pokémon attack that forces a Pokémon to attack when it is not left with any PP for a move. Struggle deals damage to the opponent but deals a recoil damage of 1/2 to the user. Struggle is also useful against ghost type Pokémon.

Anime News Networkexplains a possibility that @Nakano_Official could have also used Z-Moves to help Magikarp beat Pokémon Sun And Moon‘s Elite Four. According to Bulbapedia, A Z-Move is “a special type of move introduced in Generation VII in which a Trainer and their Pokémon’s wishes combine to unleash an attack comprising the full power of both. These moves are very powerful, but they can only be used once per battle.”

It surely must have taken immense skill and patience for @Nakano_Official to pull off this almost unbelievable Pokémon Sun And Moon feat with just a Magikarp. In fact, before posting the tweet that says she has finally got to the Pokémon Sun And Moon Hall of Fame, she posted a tweet of Magikarp battling Hariyama with the caption, “I want to quit.”

While she almost did give up, good thing she did not. Now, that Magikarp Pokémon Sun And Moon Hall of Fame could be the sweetest and most rewarding achievement we may see in Pokémon for a while.

[Featured Image by The Pokémon Company]

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