Nintendo Wii U Numbers To Hit 5.5 Million Console Sales, 24 Million Game Sales By End Of Q2

The Nintendo Wii U is experiencing sky-high pre-orders and a massive number of grey market pre-order sales which has led analysts to predict big sales volumes through Q2.

The Wii U costs $299.99 and is the first major gaming console to incorporate a large 6.2-inch touchscreen on its controller. The Wii U also includes NFC, a video chat camera and universal TV remote controls.

While diehard Nintendo fans will likely pick up the device for its new features some analysts worry that the system failed to move forward in terms of graphics or process power.

Nintendo on Wednesday revealed in its financial reporting that it plans to sell 5.5 million Wii U consoles by the end of Q2 2013. The Japan-based company also hopes to move 24 million Wii U games during that same period.

In the same financial report Nintendo also revealed that it moved 1.32 million Wii consoles and 970,000 Nintendo DS handhelds from April through September 2012. Moving at a faster clip was the Nintendo 3DS which sold 5.06 million units including 2.1 million 3DS XL systems.

The Nintendo 3DS is likely to continue its sales triumph with Nintendo forecasting 17.5 million 3DS handheld sales and 70 million 3DS game sales by the end of March 2013.

In the meantime Nintendo Wii sales may pick up over the holiday shopping season after the company cut bundled pricing to just $130 with the choice of Super Mario Bros. or Wii Sports and Wii Resort.

The Wii U gaming console debuts on November 18.

Will you be picking up the Nintendo Wii U console when it finally arrives?