Is Kris Jenner At Fault For Kanye West's Psychiatric Meltdown Over 'KUWTK' Family Deal? [Rumors]

Has Kris Jenner got something to do with Kanye West's recent meltdown?

According to Radar Online, prior to the rapper's hospitalization, a gigantic feud including Kris Jenner left the "Supernova" hitmaker furious — to the point where it was clear that Kanye West was no longer on good terms with Kris.

Following Kim Kardashian's scary ordeal in Paris back in October, Kanye West reportedly stressed for his wife not to return to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. West was convinced that with Kim being back on the show, she was only putting herself and the children in danger of potentially being kidnapped and held at gunpoint again.

Kris Jenner, on the other hand, saw things quite differently, Radar Online alleges. The outlet claims that Jenner was in no shape or form going to let Kanye West influence her daughter from quitting the show that has helped the entire family build their own recognizable brand.

Kris and her children have made millions through the success of the reality show, reportedly banking up to $30 million for every four seasons that the family films as a whole. Should Kim decide to quit the show entirely, the ratings could potentially plummet, meaning that the E! network would slash the amount of money they would be paying the Kardashians.

Kris Jenner couldn't contain her anger toward Kanye, making it known that she is still the manager of every single one of her children, adding that West was not going to stop Kim from making her return to KUWTK, nor did she need his permission to do so.

"Kris Jenner waged a war against Kanye to keep Kim on the show because she knows that if Kim quits, then the whole entire gig is up," the source reveals. "The whole entire experience has really put a strain on Kim and Kanye's relationship."

The outlet then goes on to write, "But as fans know, it's not just about the show: Kardashian's self-promotion is what keeps it all running, and it remains to be seen if West will encourage her to take a break from that too -- especially now, after his hospitalization."

On her first night out following the horrific events that took place in Paris, Kim was seen heading to a "Saint Pablo" show in Los Angeles, and to no one's surprise, Kardashian showed up with several cameramen following her every move, E! Online confirms.

It was evidently clear that after just three weeks since being held at gunpoint, Kim had accepted Kris Jenner's wishes to return to the show and continue filming for the forthcoming episodes, expected to air sometime in January.

Radar Online seems to be under the impression that the supposed feud between Kris Jenner and her son-in-law had a tremendous effect on the rapper's health, having already struggled to accept the fact that his former best pal, Jay Z, had distanced himself from him in recent months.

Kanye made it known that the music mogul and his wife, Beyonce, were no longer as close with him as they used to be, mentioning how the couple has never even bothered to introduce Blue Ivy to his daughter North West.

The rapper has been overcome with emotions in recent weeks, and then to be told by Kris Jenner that Kim was going to sign a new KUWTK deal whether he liked it or not seemed to have been the deal breaker for Kanye.

What do you make of Kris Jenner allegedly pushing her daughter to sign on for a new Keeping Up With the Kardashians deal just weeks after her scary Paris ordeal?

Are you siding with Jenner on this one?

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