B1A4 and INFINITE Sexually Assaulted On 'SNL Korea'?-- Videos Show Comedians Grabbing Boy Bands' Genitals

Patricia Grannum

B1A4 and INFINITE fans are reeling after videos showing their favorite boy bands getting their private parts grabbed on SNL Korea started making the rounds on social media.

— wonna (@chaewonho) November 26, 2016

— yg anti (@officialtdoqq) November 26, 2016

But then things get awkward -- really awkward -- for Jinyoung and his bandmates.

The boys of B1A4 are then introduced to the female comedians of the show. But instead of shaking the boys' hands, these women grabbed the boys private parts. In the video, the boy band members laugh it off but do seem to be understandably embarrassed by what just happened to them.

— d (@dgHottest) November 27, 2016

Soon, another video clip emerged showing Kpop boy band INFINITE getting the same groping treatment by the female staff at SNL Korea.

According to All Kpop, the Kpop idols previously asked for an apology for the way they were treated, but they did not receive one from SNL Korea until today. The show had allegedly denied this even happened to the boys before these videos popped up.

— allkpop (@allkpop) November 27, 2016


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As Koreaboo reports, SNL Korea has since offered an apology for the behavior of their staff. Here's the statement they released on their Facebook page, as translated by Koreaboo.

"Hello this is SNL Korea. We would like to apologize to the members of B1A4 and fans for our aggressive actions in the 'Behind the casting of B1A4' video that was posted to Facebook on the 26th. The actions towards the hosts were inappropriate and we will make sure nothing like this happens again."

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