WWE Rumors: Who Will The Undertaker Really Fight At The ‘Royal Rumble’?

With the return of the legendary Undertaker to the wrestling ring, the WWE rumors mill is working overtime with various reports about who, precisely, he will face off against when Royal Rumble airs next year. But are we any closer to knowing who, really, he’ll face off against during wrestling’s first big event of 2017?

According to the latest WWE rumors released by Bleacher Report, The Undertaker’s opponent at the first fight of 2017 should be none other than The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. Although the Undertaker wasn’t at the Survivor Series for a number of reasons, Bleacher Report suggests that Styles would be the perfect opponent against The Undertaker, especially if his scheduled match at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs goes well.

One of the biggest reasons that Bleacher Report suggests that Styles should go up against The Undertaker is because it would not only fit in with a lot of the WWE’s current storylines, it would be a dream match that most fans never thought they would see. This match, combined with Goldberg vs. Lesnar round three, and Finn Balor’s rumored return, are the trifecta of events that would, according to the site, make Royal Rumble a dream come true for many fans.

Like Bleacher Report, What Culture believes that Royal Rumble will be a blockbuster event for the WWE. However, the latest WWE rumors from the site suggest that the bigger draw for wrestling fans will be if John Cena faces off against The Undertaker.

“The Undertaker returned to SmackDown two weeks ago and warned the blue brand’s main eventers against Survivor Series failure, but his WrestleMania plans remain unclear. Cena, meanwhile, has been operating on a part-time schedule since the summer, but still has that ever elusive 16th world title reign in his crosshairs. It makes perfect sense for WWE to throw two of their biggest assets into the mix, and that’s exactly what they should do.”

While both Cena and The Undertaker are both on part-time schedules — for different reasons, of course — if these two fight against each other, it will be nothing if not a ratings draw. That said, the Royal Rumble has never had a problem drawing people, as last year’s event was sold out in 30 minutes.

Further adding fuel to the fire about The Undertaker facing off against John Cena for the Royal Rumble, the latest WWE rumors from Sportsrageous suggest that Cena is upset with the WWE, and needs something to entice his return to the company on a full-time basis.

Cena, who is currently filming the second season of the hit show American Grit, has been dedicating a lot of his time to establishing a career outside of the ring, though he hasn’t found as much success as his contemporary, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The site, however, suggests that Cena isn’t happy with the WWE because they brought back both The Undertaker and Goldberg, and didn’t keep him informed of the developments.

Cena has previously stated that the recent fight against Goldberg should have gone to a younger, more talented wrestler on the current WWE roster, rather than Brock Lesnar. However, Sportsrageous suggests that this “controversy” from Cena may all be a way to promote one of his upcoming fights, or it may be to entice the company to pit him against The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

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