Elizabeth Taylor Pushes Michael Jackson From Forbes’ List Of Richest Dead Celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were known as great friends during their lifetimes, but the deal has gone down and Elizabeth Taylor beat Jackson for the number one spot on Forbes’ annual list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities.

The actress made one of her last public appearances at Michael Jackson’s funeral in 2009, before Taylor’s death on March 23, 2011, The Hollywood Reporterwrote. Their strong friendship began in the 1980’s, rapidly after they had met, The New York Postreported.

Elizabeth Taylor spoke with The New York Post in 2006 and told about her and Jackson’s strong bond:

“Then we met, and spent more and more time with each other, and just became really good friends. Told each other everything.”

The Hollywood icon died from congestive heart failure but her presence has not left the media. Besides the Lifetime biopic “Liz and Dick,” which features Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, a new tell-all book is being released and is filled with allegations about Taylor’s sexual dalliance.

Last year, Forbes reported Elizabeth Taylor had made $210 million, a great majority of which came from an auction of Taylor’s possessions at Christie’s, which brought in $184 million.

Revenue from the actress’ signature perfume, White Diamonds, also produced $75 million in retail earnings last year.

Michael Jackson came in second, grossing $145 million last year. Likely, Jackson will reclaim his number one spot on Forbes’ list, seeing as another auction from Taylor’s estate is unlikely.

In third place was Elvis Presley, with $55 million from last year-not far off from the amount in 2010.

Charles Schultz, the “Peanuts” creator came in fourth, with $37 million, and Bob Marley finished in fifth with $17 million.

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