See 30 ‘Subway Therapy’ Photos: Trump Post-It Sticky Notes Fill Union Square Station In New York City And Beyond

There is a wall filling with more and more Post-It sticky notes — many of them anti-Trump Post-It sticky notes — that can be seen in the following photo gallery from the Union Square Station in New York City. The Trump-related Post-It sticky notes seem to represent a way for New Yorkers and those traveling through the Union Square Station in New York City to express themselves without getting into an argument with loved ones or strangers about President-elect Trump.

Warning: Some of the below 30 photos of the “subway therapy” Trump-related Post-It notes in the photo gallery may contain offensive language.

Close-up photos of the Trump-focused Post-It Sticky Notes reveal a sense of humor, with one person having written “Kanye 2020” on one of the notes.

Many of the notes focus on love, with the common theme of love trumping hate being expressed frequently in the subway notes.

As noted by the New York Times, the subway notes are a form of therapy that began after Trump won the presidential election.

The notes, which are mainly from New Yorkers, are being called cathartic as they offer an anonymous way for people to truly express how they feel about Mr. Trump without having to put up a politically correct facade or fake point of view.

Matthew Chavez was the man who encouraged people to use the sticky notes at the Sixth Avenue station at 14th Street to express their emotions, which could then be stuck onto the wall for others to read. In reading some of those Post-It notes, folks realize that not all of the messages are related to Trump. However, most of them are, with words of wisdom advising others about how to get over their disappointment at the results of the election.

Whereas there are sticky notes about “liberal crap” and ones that advise others to grieve, organize, and resist, there are also sticky notes featuring phrases like “God is good.” Some have turned to the subway therapy sticky notes to write personal messages of loss.

A sampling of some of the messages written on the subway therapy Post-It notes can be read below.

“Show me your love.”

“Terrified but hopeful.”

“Not all is lost.”

“We are all nasty women!”

“I’ve lost too much in 2016. I’ve lost my husband. Let’s not lose hope. We must never, never lose hope.”

“Complacency is leniency.”

“Radical hope.”

“Find positivity.”

“The American people have [had] 25 years of Clinton bull**** — enough already!”

“Love trumps hate.”

[Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

“Take in the love that is right here.”

“Still with her!”

“Choose joy and peace.”

“Liberate Puerto Rico!”

“Muslims, Mexicans, and women are not our enemy. We are one.”

“Deport Trump.”

“Hang in there. We still have love.”

“Stay strong, you are loved. Fight for good.”

“Hillary: Thank you for your courageous service.”

“Ha ha ha. Hillary! Shillary! Killary!”

“I love this city.”

“We are all immigrants.”

“We shall overcome today! Love.”

“Love + action = change.”

“Love each day — smile a lot. Time heals all things.”

“This is the wall that matters.”

“Keep out hearts big and our souls strong. Grateful 4 you.”

“It’s okay to have a voice.”

“Wall of love.”

“May cooler heads prevail.”

“Let’s get to work. Let’s make a change.”

One sticky note simply shows the name Trump with a circle around it and two lines crossing out the name.

All in all, the subway therapy wall of sticky notes is creating a lot of buzz on social media. One of the notes was penned by a writer who noted the first female president is out there somewhere, watching the events of the recent presidential election and waiting to correct everything.

[Featured Image by Stephen Trupp/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]