Angry Birds Are Flocking To McDonalds Locations In China

Rovio’s video game sensation Angry Birds is heading to a McDonald’s locations across China, according to Joystiq. The company behind the blockbuster mobile game is looking to expand into the Chinese market. In order to make their presence known, Rovio is teaming up with the fast food giant to bring its kid-friendly game to the masses.

Fans of the Angry Birds franchise who wander into an area McDonald’s location to grab a burger will be able to get their hands on content exclusively available at the restaurant. While playing the title inside a participating location, gamers will have access to special in-game power-ups and hidden game modes.

CNet reports that Rovio’s attempt to bring Angry Birds to China doesn’t begin and end with the in-store specials. Customers will also have the opportunity to vote for the store they think should host an extremely large slingshot which will be attached to the Golden Arches themselves. Positioned for launch in the slingshot is a large Red Bird, though customers shouldn’t expect to see the character fling itself over the sign at any point in the future.

To make the whole promotion official, McDonald’s has launched a commercial featuring the Angry Birds themselves. You can find the television spot embedded beneath this article.

Although this is Rovio’s first big push into the Chinese marketplace, the country isn’t completely out-of-touch when it comes to the adventures of everyone’s favorite angry birds. Last year, a Chinese theme park put together a real-life version of Angry Birds without Rovio’s permission. While most companies would immediately put together a cease and desist letter, Rovio was reportedly interested in joining up.

“We would welcome a partnership, but Rovio would need to give them permission to use the Angry Birds game,” a spokeswoman for Rovio’s China operations explained to PC World.

Do you think McDonald’s partnership with the Angry Birds franchise is a good idea?