Mandy Moore A Diva? ‘This Is Us’ Star Thinks She ‘Deserves’ More Screen Time Because Of Her ‘Fan Base’ [Rumors]

This Is Us is one of the most popular television shows on the air right now, but not everyone in the cast is feeling warm and fuzzy about the NBC show’s success, OK! Magazine reported. Mandy Moore, the actress who plays Rebecca Pearson, a mother who is doing the best she can raising triplets in the 1980s, has put the writers on blast and is demanding a more prominent role on the show.

A new report makes a shocking claim that Mandy Moore wants a bigger role on the show. Her comments offended This Is Us fans, as they realized that Moore is a diva, only interested in furthering her own fan base.

“Every time she gets a new script. she flips through to see how many lines she has — and she actually counts her lines one by one,” an insider stated.

The writers tried to explain to Mandy that they value her work on the show, and do not want to lose her. She obviously felt that she is the bigger star, and NBC should be using her influence and featuring her more often. However, they aren’t, and she feels sidelined by people she considers “less famous and talented” than she. She couldn’t take it anymore and demanded the writers give her more screen time, “or else.”

This Is Us writers explained to Moore how the show’s format is set up and that they cannot jump too much from decade to decade. They told her that they still have to feature the triplets in the present day, so they “hoped” she would be patient and stay with the show.

This Is Us jumps from 1980 through the 1990s when the triplets were growing up to the present day. The core characters stated they understood that the focus on their character would change week-to-week, depending on the script for the episode. All said they knew this, all except, Mandy Moore.

“They can’t do too much jumping through the decades, and they keep retrying to explain that to Mandy and all the actors,” the source said.

The juicy tidbit that Mandy Moore could be a diva was a complete shocker to many of her fans. It has been a goal of hers to star in a television show. Many times, actresses only get to play simple roles on TV, but this role has something very special about it.

Before the show aired, Mandy stated she was extremely excited about the role, and where it could lead her as an actress.

“This was exciting to me as an actress, never really having played a wife or mother,” Mandy explained. “It felt like it was the right opportunity to really dig in.

Toronto Sun reported that the role of Rebecca Pearson was different from any other role Moore had portrayed and something she was extremely excited about playing.

“I want to be a mom one day, so we’re doing babies and kids and everything in between, yeah. But I was just really compelled by who Jack and Rebecca were, and what they were going through, and what their life is going to look like,” Moore stated.

It doesn’t seem likely that in a few months time, Mandy would shift from saying it was the role of a lifetime to demanding more screen time. Moore seems like a perfect fit for the show, so This Is Us fans are hoping that this report is not true, because the show would not be the same with Rebecca.

This Is Us fans, do you think Mandy Moore asked the writers for more screen time?

This Is Us airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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