Kendall Jenner’s Lips: Did She Get Them Done Like Kylie?

Kendall Jenner briefly disappeared from Instagram. Then, the 21-year-old model made an appearance on Kylie Jenner’s social media accounts, looking a little different than usual. Fans have been wondering if Kendall got her lips done like Kylie does.

Kendall Jenner made her return to social media on Monday, Nov. 21 when she did a Facebook Live session with her sister Kylie Jenner. Her lips appeared larger and plumper than usual. Kendall is typically known for her modeling career and natural beauty, so it came as a shock to fans when she was looking like her younger sister. Kylie even shared a picture of them together on Instagram before they had their Facebook Live chat.

John Zannis, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who has not worked on Kendall, told Hollywood Life that it would take lip injections to achieve that desired effect.

“This recent photo looks very much like lip injections were used. The raised vermillion border is a tip-off, especially since it wasn’t present in earlier photos.”

“Other possibilities are permanent lip implant or very temporary irritants used to cause lip swelling,” he added.

The Jenner sisters made an appearance for a Q&A regarding their new book, Time of the Twins: The Story of Lex and Livia, but fans were more focused on Kendall’s lips rather than the book. Another expert told the celebrity gossip blog that it’s likely that Kendall used something other than makeup to achieve that look.

“I would think she definitely had lip injections, possibly the new Volbella lip filler. But her lower lip was injected way too much and is out of proportion to her upper lip.”

According to Kylie, her older sister didn’t have any work done. She explained on Snapchat that she did Kendall’s makeup and over lined her lips with her famous Lip Kits.

Kylie Jenner takes the blame for Kendall’s lip situation. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

“You guys, Kendall let me over line her lips today with lip liner and now everyone thinks she got injections,” she said in one of the clips. Now, Kylie is taking the blame for making everyone think Kendall got her lips done, according to People. She added, “I’m sorry Kendall,” as the model is seen laughing, complete with the dog filter.

That’s not the only news that Kendall Jenner has been making lately. The reality star is finally back on Instagram. She returned to the social media app just one week after she deleted her account. It looks like Kendall couldn’t stay away too long. Fans assumed the reason why Kendall took a break from Instagram is because of her lip situation, but she admitted that she needed a “digital detox.”

“I just wanted to detox. I would wake up in the morning and I would look at it first thing,” Kendall said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I would go to bed and it would be the last thing I looked at. I felt a little too dependent on it so I wanted to take a minute. It’s a detox. I’ll be back.”

“It’s so crazy to me that it even became huge news like that,” she continued. “I guess I didn’t expect it. But I also took my Twitter off my phone. I didn’t delete my Twitter [account] entirely but I took the app off my phone. So I had no idea anyone was even talking about it. I didn’t even think anyone would care.”

On Sunday morning, Kendall restored her page with her previous photos and uploaded three new photos of her friends having the time of their lives at a concert, according to E! News. Kendall returned to her account to make use of her photography skills.

It’s obvious that Kendall’s fans do care about her Instagram just as much as they care about her lips. The model has not uploaded any new selfies or photo shoots as of yet. What are your thoughts on Kendall’s new look? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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