Kim Kardashian Is Worried About Her Kids Being Around Their Father

Kim Kardashian West is reportedly worried about her children being about their father, Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian has been by Kanye West’s side since he was hospitalized at the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA. The hospital allows children to visit patients with adult accompaniment and as long as the patient has consented. A Kardashian family source has revealed that Kim’s children, North and Saint, have not seen their dad since he was hospitalized a week ago. The source revealed that Kim is concerned about the children’s relationship with their father.

“She is very worried about the kids being around Kanye,” a source familiar with the matter revealed.

West was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with sleep deprivation and exhaustion not long after canceling his remaining scheduled concert performances for his Saint Pablo Tour. Reports claim that West has been under constant supervision. One of the sources familiar with the matter revealed that West has been having paranoid episodes while at the hospital and as a result has been under constant watch. The source also added that the superstar is still in the hospital because he is not doing well.

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West’s condition has apparently not improved since he checked into the hospital. Further reports claim that Kim spends a lot of time by Kanye’s side every day. Kim also revealed that her husband is on a lot of medication, as doctors try to figure out the best doses. Kanye was expected to be discharged from the hospital on Monday under the care of his personal doctor, but things did not go as planned.

If the reports are true and Kanye’s condition has not improved, then it explains why Kim is worried for her children. She most likely doesn’t want the children to see their dad in his current condition. She is also concerned about how Kanye will respond or behave when the children are there. If anything, Kim is also worried about whether her husband will make a full recovery from his medical condition. A close acquaintance of Kanye had a different report about his medical condition. It is also clear that she is concerned about what she will tell the children when they start asking questions about their dad.

“They tell me he’s doing good. He’s been really eager to make music and to work even from the hospital bed,” the source told People.

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As for West’s mental health, the source stated that it is a private matter between West and his family. West’s hospitalization and medical condition came as a shock to many. Kim has been by Kanye’s side supporting him since she learned that he has been hospitalized. She is clearly overwhelmed by the whole ordeal and is having a hard time trying to get through it all. Nevertheless, she has to be strong for her husband and the kids.

This year has clearly been a tough one for Kim and her family, though it has also had its fair share of blessings. Kim had a rough time a few months ago when she was robbed in Paris and now Kanye has been hospitalized. On the flip side, Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian and his fiance, Blac Chyna, celebrated the birth of their daughter, Dream, a few weeks ago, so it has not been entirely gloomy for the Kardashian family.

Despite the difficult times, Kim has been toughing it out because Kanye needs her. She, therefore, has to be with him and support him just like he supported her after she was robbed. Hopefully, Kanye will make a quick recovery so that they can put all this behind them and the kids can see their dad without Kim having to be worried so much about them.

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