Susan Boyle to debut on America's Got Talent

It's been a while since we've heard from Susan Boyle, so here is a brief update. More than 1,000 fans waiting for Susan Boyle as she landed at Los Angels Airport (LAX). She is performing at the finale for America's Got Talent on Wednesday. for which she will perform Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses."

The news for Susan Boyle fans doesn't stop here. She has also announced details of her debut album, which will be named after her biggest hit, "I Dreamed a Dream" from her Britain's Got Talent appearance.

Susan Boyle's debut album "I Dreamed a Dream" will be released on November 24th, but is already topping Amazon's bestseller list, thanks to preorders (and a single review?!) She is actually outselling most of The Beatles Remastered albums, Muse, Jay-Z and Whitney Houston's latest.

According to The Sun the album will feature one of Susan Boyle's favorite songs, Madonna's "You'll See".