WWE News: Daniel Bryan Talks Shane McMahon Injury And Brie Bella Pregnancy

In the latest WWE News, SmackDown‘s General Manager Daniel Bryan recently spoke about the big Survivor Series 2016 pay-per-view. During his talk, Bryan was asked about a number of pressing topics including Baron Corbin’s interference, The Miz’s big win to keep the Intercontinental title and the Shane McMahon injury that occurred in the Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown match. In addition, Bryan spoke about his wife Brie Bella’s pregnancy and gave an update on her condition as well as her attitude around the home.

According to ProWrestling, the SD Live panel of Scott Stanford, Jerry Lawler, Lita, and Booker T conducted a pre-show interview with SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan on a television monitor and asked him a variety of questions. They kicked things off by bringing up Bryan’s possible dislike for The Miz and how he may be out to get him. Bryan brought up that he feels certain things The Miz does are despicable but he’s given him opportunities as deserved. He also mentioned that if he could, he’d trade away both The Miz and Baron Corbin to Raw for other superstars such as Cesaro and Sami Zayn.


The Miz had previously been part of a WWE website exclusive interview after winning his championship match at Survivor Series against Raw‘s Sami Zayn. The Miz complained that he didn’t see Daniel Bryan anywhere around after the victory to congratulate him. So that goes to show the tensions are continuing to build between the former coach and NXT contender. It continued yet again during the latest episode of SmackDown Live when Bryan booked Miz to defend his title against Kalisto. Bryan stated he was giving the opportunity to Kalisto due to Baron Corbin interfering in and costing him his Cruiserweight title match at Survivor Series.

Another big topic of discussion was Shane McMahon getting hurt at Survivor Series in the traditional 5-on-5 elimination match. During that bout, Shane went for a huge move from one corner of the ring to the other. Roman Reigns caught Shane with a huge spear in the air to tackle him to the mat, which resulted in a bad spot for the SmackDown commissioner.

WWE Roman Reigns tackles Shane McMahon at Survivor Series
Shane McMahon was taken out of the Survivor Series match by a nasty spear. [Image via WWE]

It ended up with Shane being escorted backstage by medical personnel and referees due to a legitimate injury. Bryan admitted he regretted putting Shane into the match on Sunday due to what happened and said seeing Shane’s family backstage after the incident really hammered that home.

The good news was that “Shane-O-Mac” appeared on SmackDown Live Tuesday night to start the program. It appeared McMahon was coherent following the rough injury spot during the Survivor Series match. He also called out another guy who had a rough night at the pay-per-view, James Ellsworth, and proceeded to give him an official contract with the brand. So it seems Shane is still able to participate in his role as the commissioner for the Tuesday night’s “blue brand” television show as of this report.


Meanwhile, away from the action of the wrestling ring and SmackDown, Daniel Bryan has a pregnant wife at home. His retired women’s wrestler wife, Brie Bella, is currently expecting, as the couple reported via Instagram last month, according to Life & Style Weekly. When asked how difficult it is dealing with a pregnant Brie Bella, Bryan laughed at the question. He said it actually hasn’t been that bad an experience at all with her and she’s been wonderful at home so far.

There have been ongoing rumors that Daniel Bryan might get back into the WWE ring to take on The Miz at some point. However, as of right now it appears the SmackDown Live general manager is comfortable with his role. While there have been some initial growing pains in getting things going for the brand in the war with the Raw brand, Daniel Bryan has done a suitable job, despite these early questions that are being raised.

[Featured Image by WWE]