‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 532: Mavis Knows Secret To End Zeref’s Immortality, Stops E.N.D. Natsu’s Fight

Chapter 532 of immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail continues with the epic battle between Natsu and the immortal Zeref. However, with Mavis' appearance on the scene, the situation alters dramatically. Not only is Mavis considered an integral part of the Fairy Tail Guild, but Zeref shares a strong bond with the "First Mage". But despite his close association with Mavis, Zeref doesn't treat her with compassion.

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 532 spoilers/recap.]

Chapter 531 of manga Fairy Tail didn't have anything going for the Fairy Tail Guild. While the Pegasus was a powerful ship outfitted with ammunition and technologies designed specifically to outsmart, outmaneuver and defeat the dragons, it fell short against Acnologia. Not only did the Dark Dragon manage to devour everything the flying ship hurled at him, he even managed to dodge the "Ravines of Time" trap that Ms. Anna had carefully put into place.

Much to the dismay of the Pegasus crew, Acnologia did not get trapped because Zeref had temporarily sealed off the Ravines of Time. The Dark Mage required the magical space as he intended to combine it with a very powerful magic called "Neo Eclipse" to turn back the clock and avoid the curse of immortality. As expected, everyone including Natsu and Mavis are strongly against the concept of turning back time as none of them would ever meet or grow as a family. On the other hand, with the Ravines of Time deactivated, Acnologia was able to gain up on the Pegasus and even attempted to tear it apart. Fortunately, some quick thinking on Anna's part allowed the ship to free itself from the Dark Dragon.

Hinted in the previous chapter, Natsu's E.N.D (Etherious Natsu Dragneel) transformation is confirmed to be complete. In his transformed state, which doesn't appear to be that radically different, Natsu challenges Zeref. Natsu's opponent taunts him about the incomplete transformation. E.N.D Natsu responds by confirming that it was because of Igneel's will, that he cannot completely transform into a dragon. Interestingly, even though Natsu isn't a dragon, he is no longer a mere human, points out Zeref.

Right when both the opponents are about to strike each other, Mavis stands between them and orders them to halt the fight. The First Mage confirms that she has a way to help Zeref. However, before she can finish her explanation, Zeref grabs her by her hair. In the previous chapter, Zeref had made it clear that he intends to use the Ravines of Time and Mavis' magic to complete his Neo Eclipse spell.

Zeref's aggression towards Mavis in the current chapter is clear indication that he intends to use her for his magic spell, and he has no compassion towards the First Mage. Despite Mavis' appeal, Zeref continues to pin her down. Although she continues to plead Zeref to hear her out, the latter reveals why no method intended to end his immortality has ever worked. Interestingly, despite being immortal, Zeref fears Achnologia, and in the current chapter he reveals the reason.

Zeref fears that Acnologia would eventually bring the history of humanity to its end. In other words, all of mankind would be wiped out in the future. However, owing to his immortality, Zeref would survive, and those cursed with immortality would be imprisoned by Acnologia for all eternity. In response to Zeref's confession, Mavis reiterates her claims about ending his curse of immortality. But instead of hearing her out, Zeref launches the Neo Eclipse spell that sucks out entire magic from Mavis, leaving her immobile and unconscious.

The scene shifts to Pegasus, where the crew is struggling to stay ahead of Acnologia. However, due to the Dark Dragon's attacks on the ship, the vessel suffers serious damage. Fortunately, Anna quickly ignites the "Reverse Magic Boosters," and the Pegasus zooms ahead, aggravating the Dark Dragon. Although the situation appears hopeless, Ms. Anna confirms that she was once a celestial spirit mage, and hence has the ability to force the Ravines of Time to open up.

Unfortunately, before the crew can do anything, Acnologia strikes the Pegasus, throwing everyone off their balance inside. Interestingly, Jellal steps forth and claims he will buy them some time. It is unclear what he intends to do, but it is likely he might create a diversion.

The scene shifts back to the Fairy Tail Headquarters in Magnolia where Zeref is engaged in pulling out the last of magic from within Mavis. The Dark Mage reiterates why he wants to execute the Neo Eclipse magic. The ability to turn back time would allow him to relive his life and avoid the curse of immortality. Before drawing out the entire magic, Zeref promises Mavis that he will defeat Acnologia with Natsu's help before the Dark Dragon can become a threat to humankind.

After absorbing Mavis' power, Zeref executes the "Fairy Heart" spell, which transforms him into the "White Wizard," a powerful being with "infinite magic power," that transcends time. Fairy Tail mangaka Hiro Mashima had promised two back-to-back chapters this week. Hence, chapter 532 is followed by the release of chapter 533 of manga Fairy Tail.

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