Trump Obama Announcement Today Rumored To Be About Imminent Divorce

The Donald Trump Obama announcement bombshell that the fameball real estate mogul has planned for at around noon today has been creating a buzz, mostly among tired Obama fans who are bored of Trump’s attention whoring and hopeful Obama detractors who are gleefully anticipating a longed-for dint in the President’s clean record.

But the Trump Obama announcement has not yet come, though speculation is rife that Trump may reveal some sort of divorce filing-related “scandal.” Initially, it was believed that the Trump Obama announcement may be linked to Obama’s college past and an allegation that he may have used or sold cocaine, but a rep for Trump denies that the rumor has any link to The Donald’s stunt.

Later in the day after the cocaine rumor emerged, the blogosphere began speculating that Trump’s Obama announcement had something to do with a pending or impending divorce, which is laughable on so many levels.

Firstly, the idea that a First Lady and President would choose now to consider divorce rather than waiting it out until Obama’s second term is complete is silly on the idea’s face. Mrs. Obama wouldn’t pick 2012 to file, and many everyday married couples routinely delay divorce for years until the timing is right.

Secondly, the relationship between Michelle and Barack is palpably strong, even compared to other political couples. The pair are clearly close to one another and happy, and no scandals have emerged through the course of President Obama’s career to even suggest a hint of dissatisfaction between them.

But most of all, the idea Trump’s Obama announcement is about divorce is funny because this is Donald Trump, people. Not only did this dude expect a presidential nomination and actually believe his tone-deaf, politically ignorant butt was fit to serve the American people, but the man himself has cast aside several wives once they got too old.

HIgh above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife.

— Douglas Kass (@DougKass) October 23, 2012

In fact, as a person in their early thirties, my first memory of Donald Trump is him caddishly casting aside wife Ivana for Marla Maples. Who he then ditched for Melania Trump, nee Knauss. The man is on his third marriage and expected to be President, but he himself feels it is okay to have three wives to President Obama’s one? (That is, of course, if the speculative tweet above correctly pegs Trump’s Obama bombshell.)

It remains to be seen if an alleged divorce scandal is the planned Trump Obama announcement, but we wouldn’t put it past the Donald to excoriate a man for supposedly doing something he himself has done at least twice.

What do you think is in store with the big Trump Obama bombshell this afternoon?