Trump’s Obama Announcement Not About Cocaine, Real Estate Mogul’s Reps Say

Donald Trump’s Obama announcement is not about cocaine, representatives for the real estate mogul clarified on Tuesday.

After Trump said he had a political bombshell to drop on President Barack Obama, speculation kicked into overdrive about what the secret revelation could be. Reports Tuesday morning from Radar Online said that the Trump Obama announcement was about the president using and selling cocaine while in college.

Radar Online had claimed to find a man who was friends with Obama in college and swore that the president sold cocaine. While Obama has already admitted to using drugs in his younger days, including cocaine, the allegations were looked at with caution even by Radar Online, which put the story under the headline, “Trumped-Up Charges?”

Now Donald Trump’s representatives have stepped in to quash that rumor, The Daily Caller reported. An adviser for the real estate titan said the Trump Obama announcement was “very big,” but had nothing to do with college-era allegations of cocaine use or sales.

“Mr. Trump’s announcement is substantially more important to the American people than these allegations made against the president,” Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump, told The Daily Caller by phone on Tuesday.

Trump made his Obama announcement on Monday, saying that he had damning allegations against the president in an October surprise. The revelation was met with mostly apathy from the media, with many pundits seeing it as an attempt for Trump to draw attention to himself.

Others pointed out that Trump’s Obama announcement harkens to the allegations that Obama was born outside the country, which Trump made during his brief flirtation with running for the GOP nomination.

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