‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Creator Says Thanksgiving Episode Is ‘Explosive,’ Randall Determined To Confront His Mother About William

This Is Us serves up the viewers an explosive Thanksgiving episode titled, “Pilgrim Rick” tonight on NBC, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Tonight’s episode on This Is Us will bring the family together for the first time in the present day (minus Jack of course). This Is Us spoilers tease that the episode will be explosive, featuring Randall confronting his mother, Rebecca, about lying about not knowing anything about his birth parents. The preview showed a pretty intense conversation with Rebecca when Randall refused to allow his mother to squirm her way out of the argument. Beth had told William in last week’s episode that if Randall discovered the truth, and knew she knew and didn’t tell him, it could end her marriage.

The secret will be devastating to Randall. He had no idea that his mother knew and was in contact with William the years as he grew up, and Beth seems to think it would shatter the image of his mother if he finds out. William begged Beth not to spill the secret, but she refused to keep his whopper of a scoop from her husband, but before she tells, she wanted to hear from Rebecca why she lied to Randall.

“The Thanksgiving episode is explosive,” creator Dan Fogelman dished to EW.

“Those questions get answered really quickly….It’s where a lot of the storylines we’ve been following the course of the season — Toby and Kate and their issues with food, all the way through Randall and Rebecca and the secret of this family — all come to a head in a certain degree. It’s also very funny in places and has a great tone. I’m incredibly proud of it.”

This Is Us spoilers tease that Toby and Kate continue to have differences in their diet and weight loss journeys. Kate isn’t sure if they should continue their relationship because losing weight is the most important thing to her, right now. Toby feels he’s done well enough at losing weight and wants to quit dieting. Kate tells Toby that if he isn’t actively trying to lose weight, it might be a deal breaker for her. She gently reminds him that he promised to lose weight with her. Will Toby continue losing weight to make Kate happy?


This Is Us Episode 8 will feature the Pearsons going to visit Rebecca’s parents for Thanksgiving. It explains how the family started their unique family tradition.

“What’s really cool is you’re watching in the present day a very unusual Thanksgiving tradition that the Pearson family has, and in the past story, you’re watching the origination of that tradition, which comes about accidentally but then has informed all their other Thanksgivings ever since, ” Dan explained.

“It plays with time in a really, really interesting way. It sets us up for our final two episodes leading to Christmas before we take a break and come back in January.”

The whole family, including William, will sit at the table for a Holiday dinner, all except Jack. It will be interesting to see how all the characters relate to each other since many of the characters are rarely in the same scenes with each other.


There have been rumors and speculation that Kate doesn’t get along with her mother, Rebecca. She admitted that she rarely speaks to her, and cited one of the reasons was that she never struggled with her weight. Will they get along during the Thanksgiving dinner? Will she be proud of her for beginning her weight loss journey?

This Is Us viewers, how do you think Randall will react to the news that his mother was in contact with William when he was growing up? Can Kate and Toby make it work, despite the fact, he wants to stop dieting?


This Is Us airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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