Scheana Shay’s Marriage: Did Her Marriage Troubles Cause A Dark Personal Battle?

Scheana Shay decided to come back for another season of Vanderpump Rules after spending some time enjoying her new marriage during the show’s hiatus. Last season, Scheana got married to her long-time boyfriend, Mike Shay. The two had known each other since high school, but had only recently started dating. Even though they seemed like the perfect match made in heaven during their wedding, Vanderpump Rules revealed some of Mike’s darkest secrets. He had been dealing with drugs and alcohol issues behind Scheana’s back and she was devastated when she found out.

According to a new Bravo report, Scheana Shay is now revealing that she herself has struggled with her own issues. As it turns out, Shay has been battling a dark problem herself, as she has been dealing with anxiety. This is something that Scheana has battled on her own and she never talked about it on Vanderpump Rules. Apparently, Shay ignored it for a long time and kept her feelings bottled up, which could be one of the reasons why she and her husband are having some marital troubles these days.

Back in July, Scheana Shay decided to talk about anxiety on Twitter and she revealed that her personal struggles were the worst. And this was supposedly the best thing she could have done because many Vanderpump Rules fans reached out to Shay with similar feelings.

“I’m an open book, and I love to help people in any way I can, so I’m like, I struggle, too. Just because I’m on a television show, I’m a real person that has real issues. And I have issues,” Scheana Shay has revealed about her anxiety, as she opened up to Wetpaint Entertainment about her personal battle, according to Bravo, adding, “And I talk about it, and I’m very self-aware.”

Scheana reveals that she doesn’t like the idea of taking anxiety medication to help her through. Maybe she’s seen what pills can do to a person, as her husband struggled with pill addiction last year. And it is possible that Shay wants to keep pills out of the home to help her husband stay sober.


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“Just talking about it definitely helps. Talk to other people who are going through it,” Scheana Shay continues, adding, “I’m one who has never wanted to be on any sort of prescription medication for anything, but it’s helped me. I wake up, I take my allergy medicine, I take my Wellbutrin, and I go on with my day, and I feel a lot better. Just talk about it, and if you need something, you need something, and that’s OK.”

Of course, many Vanderpump Rules viewers may think that some of the drama on the show is scripted for the sake of reality television and ratings. But Scheana Shay explains that her troubles are very much real, including those rumors that her marriage could be in trouble. But Shay wants people to know that she decided to open about her struggles because she has this platform to share her story with the world.

“Just because we’re on a TV show, we’re still real people with real problems, and we’re very relatable. And I think that’s one of the best things about our show is people relate to us. They work in a restaurant. They love and hate their best friend and then their best friend slept with their ex-boyfriend,” Scheana Shay explains about her time on Vanderpump Rules, adding, “It’s like, our show is very relatable so, it’s like why not talk about something that I struggle with everyday?”

What do you think of Scheana Shay opening up about her battle with anxiety? Do you think fans will get to see more of her personal issues later this season of Vanderpump Rules?

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