‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore Meets Matt Jordan’s Family, Porsha Williams Wants Baby With Ex-Boyfriend

In Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9, Episode 3, Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan take their relationship to the next level when he takes her to a family reunion, and Porsha Williams wants to have a baby with an ex-boyfriend.

In RHOA this week, Matt and Kenya took a road trip to a family reunion. It’s not the first time the age difference between Matt Jordan and Kenya Moore has come up. Kenya has previously stated that the age difference worries her and it was discussed with Matt’s family.

Matt Jordan is 15 years younger than Kenya and during the family reunion, Matt’s mother asked Kenya about her intentions with her son and things went quite smoothly. However, Matt’s sister was more protective and asked Kenya if she is a cougar. While she was taken aback, Kenya kept things civil.

So, does Porsha have a new man? Not quite – Porsha tells Phaedra that she wants to have a child but does not want a husband. Porsha is thinking of having a child with her ex-boyfriend Todd but does not want to be in a relationship. Todd is a lobbyist in Washington D.C. and Porsha wants to have a co-parenting relationship with him and gushes about his parenting skills.

Phaedra doesn’t think Porsha becoming a baby mama is a good idea, but she does little to convince Porsha otherwise.

In Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9, Episode 3, Matt’s sister grills Kenya more about their relationship and admits that she is “very skeptical” of their relationship due to the age gap. When quizzed about what she wants from dating Matt, Kenya responded with the following.

“At my age, I wouldn’t be sitting here with him unless I felt like we could have a future together,” she said. “I’m here. I’m happy.” Kenya previously stated that Matt scared her when he got angry during their breakup.

During her conversation with Matt sister’s she says, “Your brother is a really strong man.” She then asked his sister to give her a chance and then she started to come around. Overall, Kenya managed to win Matt’s family approval and his mother said that she will make a great daughter-in-law.

In a Bravo exclusive, Kenya spoke about forgiving Matt, who was seen early this season trying to mend the relationship.

“I decided to move forward with Matt because he is really a good person. He has a heart of gold. He will do anything in the world for me. And he’s proven his loyalty to me and his dedication and his love,” Kenya stated in a video. “So I wanted to give him a chance because I do feel like he’s a great guy. He just is very emotionally reactive and a little bit immature. And that may just [be] par for the course with being 29 or just where he is in his life in dealing with a woman like me.”

During Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9, Episode 3, Kandi Burress had some baby daddy drama when Russell “Block” Spencer’s girlfriend showed up. Block is the father of Kandi’s daughter Riley Burress.

Kris Kelli came uninvited and took Kandi by surprise. The Jamaican artist claimed that she wants Block and his daughter to mend their relationship and Kandi makes it clear that she is not stopping Block from being a father. Also, Riley is no longer interested in having a relationship with her father.

In the promo for Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9, Episode 4, things heat up between Kandi and Block.

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