Kandi Burruss Says Porsha Williams ‘Hooked Up’ With Block, Kris Kelli Speaks Out On Kandi

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta showed Kandi Burruss breaking down in tears over her daughter’s relationship with her dad. For the first time, viewers saw Kandi’s ex and Riley’s father, Russell “Block” Spencer, on the show. After Block’s girlfriend, Kris Kelli, made an unexpected visit to Kandi to talk to her about Block’s estranged relationship with Riley, Kandi let out a well of emotions to co-star Sheree Whitfield. According to Kandi, Block was a deadbeat father who never showed any interest in having a relationship with Riley. During her talk with Sheree, Kandi also revealed the interesting tidbit that co-star Porsha Williams has a past with Block. Meanwhile, Block and Kris Kelli claimed that it was Kandi who was making it hard for Block to have a relationship with Riley.

In Kandi’s blog post reflecting on the latest episode, Kandi talked more about Block and Kris. Regarding Kris, Kandi admitted that she was taken aback by Kris’ visit to her office, since they hadn’t seen each other in years and she didn’t even know that Kris was Block’s girlfriend.

“I was wondering what the hell was she doing there. I haven’t seen her in some years, so it was odd for her to just stop by. We’ve only met a few times. I have nothing bad to say about her, but I didn’t know what her intentions were. For the last few years Block and I haven’t really talked that much at all. So for his artist to just pop up out of the blue was strange to say the least. I didn’t even know they were an official couple. When I met her, I knew her as his artist.”

Kandi further stated that it was “really weird” to her that Kris was showing so much concern for Block’s relationship with Riley and that she didn’t think she should’ve been having a conversation with Kris about it.

“So it was really weird to me that she was trying to show so much concern for his relationship with Riley… She was really nice about it. So I was trying to be nice even though I didn’t feel Block and Riley’s relationship was a conversation I should’ve been having with her.”

Regarding Porsha’s past with Block, Kandi confirmed that Porsha “hooked up” with Block. Kandi maintained that the fact that Porsha has a past with Block is a non-issue for her since it happened after her and Block were over.

“It’s no big deal. She [Porsha] hooked up with him after me. She and I have had a full discussion about it.”

Porsha Williams, who live-tweeted the episode, didn’t mention Block and Kandi by name but did seem to hit out at Sheree Whitfield for insulting her in her confessional interview. During Kandi’s scene with Sheree, Kandi explained that she knows that Block has been blaming her for his estranged relationship with Riley because Porsha used to “kick it” with Block. Sheree commented in her confessional interview that now they have to add Block to “Porsha’s list” and that “some people just bust wide open for any ol’ body.” Porsha tweeted that everybody was being shady.


As the episode aired, Russell “Block” Spencer’s girlfriend, Kris Kelli, spoke out about Kandi Burruss. A viewer left a comment on one of Kris’ photos commending her on trying to fix Block’s relationship with Riley. The viewer thought that Kris’ heart was in the right place in speaking to Kandi about Block and Riley. “Exactly! At least I tried????,” Kris responded.

In response to another viewer who expressed hope that Kandi apologized to Kris, who is from Jamaica, for making fun of her immigration status and mimicking her accent after her visit, Kris said that Kandi did apologize. “Yes she did a public apology,” Kris wrote.

In an Instagram post, Kandi admitted that she was wrong for her green card comment regarding Kris. Kandi apologized to Kris and anyone else she offended. Kandi admitted that she was lashing out at Kris at that moment for what she thought was unnecessary interference.

On social media, Kandi also put the show’s producers on blast. In response to a viewer who questioned how Kris was able to just walk into her office to talk to her, Kandi said that her employees didn’t know that Kris wasn’t a part of the Real Housewives production crew.


When another viewer gave his opinion that the show’s production crew made Kris visit, Kandi’s manager, DonJuan Clark confirmed that was the case, as did Kandi. Kandi further revealed that she didn’t even know that she was going to see Kris.


Did Block and Kris film some scenes for the show in order to promote their own entertainment careers? While Kandi didn’t outright accuse them of that, DonJuan did. DonJuan, who has never been shy about voicing his opinions, tweeted that Block, who has a music label/music management company, and Kris, who is under Block’s label and management, simply wanted 10 minutes of fame.


In her blog post, Kandi made clear that she never wanted Block’s relationship with Riley to be a story line for the show. Kandi further accused Block of telling Kris Kelli lies about why he has no relationship with Riley. In the episode, Kris said that Kandi has iced Block out of Riley’s life.

“I honestly never wanted this to be seen on the show. I hate the whole baby daddy/baby mama drama, but here he comes out of nowhere with this bullsh**… It tripped me out to hear Kris Kelli say to Lena and RL that we’ve been blocking Block out. I was like, ‘What???!!!’ He’s clearly been giving her some bogus story.”

In another Instagram post, Kandi reiterated that she never wanted her “baby daddy drama” to be a part of the show. She said that she doesn’t know why Block chose to film and that if Block really does want a relationship with Riley, he’ll have to do what it takes to start building a relationship.

According to Kandi, Block is not only a deadbeat dad but also a cheater. In an interview with Bravo that was posted after the episode aired, Kandi revealed that she ended the relationship after she found out Block was still involved with his other children’s mom.

“We only dated a few months. It was very short. I found out he was still in a relationship with his other kids’ mom, so I ended our relationship, but I was already pregnant with Riley.”

A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows that Kandi Burruss will directly confront Russell “Block” Spencer about how he has treated Riley. A scene shows Kandi, with her mom Mamam Joyce by her side, yelling at Block on the phone that he should be doing all he can to have a relationship with Riley instead of sitting back.

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