Taylor Swift Experience: Check Out The Ultimate Exhibit For T-Swizzle Fans

Is Taylor Swift your favorite musical artist?

Then saddle up for New York City, where the Grammy Museum has unveiled “The Taylor Swift Experience,” a new exhibit designed to showcase Taylor Swift’s illustrious career from birth to pop music stardom.

Although Taylor Swift is only 26-years-old, the musical megastar’s quarter-life retrospective is a mammoth display befitting the artist’s massive success in popular music over the last 10 years. “The Taylor Swift Experience” just launched at the Grammy Museum’s New York location last week — the titanic Tay-Tay display was previously seen at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles for an exhibition period in 2014 and 2015.

Are you ready to blast “Welcome to New York” on your earbuds and visit “The Taylor Swift Experience”?

As reported by Reuters, “The Taylor Swift Experience” features displays that include “the country-turned-pop singer’s handwritten lyrics, her piano, some of her 10 Grammy statuettes, her baby clothes and show costumes.” For any die-hard Taylor Swift fan, a trip to see the various displays at “The Taylor Swift Experience” is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Are you gonna “Shake It Off” and make the trip to New York?

As quoted in the Reuters story, Grammy Museum curator Nwaka Onwusa is proud to welcome “The Taylor Swift Experience” to the Recording Academy’s venerable institution. Onwusa described the exhibit that tracks Taylor’s progress from her birth in Reading, Pennsylvania, to international fame and fortune.

“It’s basically the story of Taylor Swift and the making of a modern superstar. It’s funny, she’s 26 years old and she’s already a legend, but it’s actually the truth.”

Singer Taylor Swift attends the 'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute Gala.
Taylor Swift attends a 2014 gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. [Image by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

According to the Grammy Museum’s official website, the Taylor Swift exhibit is their “most popular exhibit to date.” The website describes the various audio-visual components of the display and highlights Swift’s vast talent as a performing musician, promising a deeper understanding of Taylor as a performer via the “Experience” exhibit.

The Taylor Swift Experience gives visitors and fans an in-depth look at the multi-platinum-selling artist as a singer, musician, songwriter, and producer through personal photographs and home videos, interactive experiences, handwritten lyrics of Taylor’s top-charting hits, and iconic performance outfits.”

Taylor Swift fans who are yearning to see the display only have to drop $9 (plus fees, via Ticketmaster) to view “The Taylor Swift Experience.” “Swifties” in the Southern U.S., fear not — after the “Experience’s” New York run, the exhibit will move to the Grammy Museum’s southern location in Cleveland, Mississippi.

However, not everyone is sold on the idea of a Taylor Swift museum exhibit this early in the pop star’s life. Over at The Daily Beast, one writer who explored Taylor’s “Experience” felt that it “ignore[d] everything interesting about Taylor Swift.”

“Unfortunately, the majority of this exhibit made me feel like I had just gotten in a near-fatal car accident and awoke from my coma only capable of recalling the most boring aspects of Taylor Swift’s career.”

While it’s hard to please everyone, fans of Taylor’s music and videos will most likely get a kick out of seeing all the Tay-Tay artifacts on display. “The Taylor Swift Experience” runs until February 19, 2017, at the Grammy Museum’s Seaport District location in New York City. Exhibit hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays, 12-8 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11-8 on Fridays, 10-8 on Saturdays, and 10-7 on Sundays.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Are you planning to visit “The Taylor Swift Experience” at the Grammy Musuem in New York, or did you previously catch the Tay-Tay display at the exhibit’s Los Angeles showing? Let us know your thoughts on T-Swizzle and her hit-making career in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]