Blac Chyna Encourages New Moms To Breast Feed As She Shows Off Slim Postpartum Figure

Blac Chyna is crediting her postpartum weight loss to breast feeding, and the 28-year-old is encouraging all new moms to try pumping just as she has done.

Chyna welcomed her daughter, Dream Renee, on November 10, and claims to have already lost 18 pounds. She took to SnapChat on Saturday to show off her slimmer figure since giving birth, saying she still has 40 pounds to lose.

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In the weeks leading up to Dream’s birth, Chyna shared on Instagram that she had gained 72 pounds while pregnant. However, the mom-of-two had initially said she wanted to gain 100 pounds during her second pregnancy, reports People, but backed off the goal after starting to eat better as her due date neared.

Checking on our baby girl ????????! Never knew I'd be so happy about gaining 72lbs !

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Now, the model is trying to shed the weight and get her pre-baby body back. Chyna has posted several throwback photos on social media showing her fit figure before getting pregnant with her daughter. She captioned one such photo with “soon” just days after giving birth. It seems she truly meant “soon” as she flaunts her thinner figure for followers on social media.

Chyna displayed her flat stomach on SnapChat and Instagram for fans to see just how much weight she’s lost. However, it’s not a strict workout routine that has her snapping back into shape. She said following her C-section, doctors have her waiting six weeks before she hits the gym, and the weight loss can be attributed to her breastfeeding instead.

“The only reason it got back flat you guys is from breast feeding and breast pumping.”

In fact, Chyna recommends breastfeeding and pumping to any new moms looking to get their “weight back down fast,” according to her SnapChat videos. She went on to answer fan questions regarding breastfeeding and said drinking plenty of water helps with milk production.

Chyna recommended women get a heavy-duty pump from the hospital, as she did, which can be rented out by the month. She shares video from her early morning and late night pumping sessions on SnapChat, so fans can really see how dedicated she is to breastfeeding.

Chyna also shared a tea she’s been drinking as well to aid with breastfeeding. She said it’s not an advertisement as she seeks to give advice to other new moms via social media.

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Chyna has given fans an intimate glimpse into her life with baby Dream as she updates her Instagram and SnapChat accounts with breastfeeding photos and tips. In fact, Rob Kardashian and Chyna shared a somewhat NSFW photo of their daughter during breastfeeding on the baby’s brand new Instagram account.

The couple hasn’t been shy about sharing photos of the newest Kardashian kid, which comes as a delight to fans given Kim Kardashian’s attempts to keep her kids from the public eye.

While Chyna and Rob seem to be ecstatic following the birth of Dream, some sources are claiming just the opposite as the couple fights off rumors. E! News reports Chyna took to SnapChat on Saturday to deny claims of weight loss surgery after showing off her small waist nine days after giving birth. While some commenters question Chyna’s weight loss methods, other fans offer up their opinions on how possible it is for the mother to already have such a flat stomach.

“I work in an Ob/GYN office and I see snap backs like this often..not all women look crazy and swollen the whole time those 1st 2 weeks after giving birth.”

Yet still, other commenters question whether or not a doctor would even perform a tummy tuck on a mother who just had a C-section.

“How could she have had a tummy tuck just days after giving birth? I don’t think a doc would even recommend that so soon.. if she didn’t say she had a tummy tuck I’m not going to assume she had one.. she looks great!”

Despite the rumors, Chyna was spotted in public Saturday for the first time following her daughter’s birth. She looked calm and comfortable with lavender-colored hair, furry slip on sandals, and stretchy pants. It’s obvious from the photos that Chyna has lost some of the baby weight as her stomach looks flat even in the paparazzi photos.

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