Jana Duggar Still The Target Of Cruel Criticism And Rumors As Her Younger Sisters Court And Marry Off

Jana Duggar has faced a lot of criticism as the eldest Duggar daughter. She is the first girl born to Jim Bob and Michelle and is also a fraternal twin. Most of her life she has been the child her parents lean on the most and has been happy to help raise her brothers and sisters as they have arrived. There are 19 children total that span across almost three decades. Despite the chaos that the family has endured, Jana remains level-headed and appears to be happy for the most part.


Before Counting On aired, it was rumored to have been focusing on Jana Duggar and her quest for love. She has yet to enter a courtship and in just a few months, she will turn 27. The eldest Duggar child, Josh, is married with four children and three of the younger girls are also married off. Joy-Anna Duggar is now courting and that leaves a 15-year age gap between the Duggar daughters who remain at home.

According to the Stir, Jana Duggar has some fans concerned. There have been rumors that she has to remain at home to help raise her siblings and there has been some speculation that perhaps she may be a lesbian. These are only rumors and nothing has come out to prove there is any truth to either scenario.


On a Counting On special a few weeks ago, Jana Duggar announced she had purchased a building in her hometown. Ironically, it was once a tattoo shop. Duggar has not revealed what she is planning to do with the business, but she has been sharing a few pictures on social media of her and a friend fixing things up. Some fans believe she will be opening a home decorating business, while others believe she could be selling specialty furniture. Either way, it is agreed upon the Jana must be doing something with decorating or home decor. She has a knack for it and has been seen clashing with her younger sister, Jessa over it.


With the announcement that Joy-Anna is courting, Jana Duggar is now feeling the pressure to find “the one.” Critics have come at her hard now that her four younger sisters are either married or headed in that direction. Johannah is the next daughter down the line, and she is just 11 at the moment. With the huge age gap and children that still need to be watched, it looks like Jana is tied down with her younger siblings. On top of homeschooling, there are chores that need to be done every day. While it is inferred that Michelle helps, the assumption among critics and some fans is that Jana Duggar is somewhat of a “Cinderella” for the family.


The newest season of Counting On is shaping up to be more about Joy-Anna Duggar and her courtship than it is about any of the other family members. There is hope that Jana’s business will be talked about and maybe featured as she is working on it. There have been photos posted on social media as she makes progress with her business and fans are interested to hear what she has decided to do with her life.

Her lack in courtship has sparked rumors that she may be a lesbian and that would go against what her very conservative family believes. There has been talk that Duggar was interested in a few men in her life, but they just never were worthy of a courtship. Jana Duggar may not be willing to date right now because she is busy focusing on her business, but when the time is right, she will find someone to spend the rest of her life with.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]