Rihanna Urges Chris Brown To End Drake Feud After Threatening Rapper With Gang Violence

Rihanna is once again finding herself trying to play peacemaker between her exes, Chris Brown and Drake.

According to Hollywood Life, the “Umbrella” hitmaker was stunned to learn that Chris has decided to reignite his feud with Drake earlier this week, suggesting on Instagram that he would get his gang to physically abuse the 30-year-old.

The comments came out of nowhere, leading many to believe that Chris Brown may have had some personal issues with Drake — ones that were never brought to light in the media.

Whatever the case may be, the threats have been made towards Drake, and according to sources, Rihanna is not having any of it, with one insider stressing that she’s worried and desperately wants this drama to stop.

Hollywood Life makes it known that Rihanna feels as if Chris is moving two steps back by continuing his feud with Drake, having claimed in a 2015 interview with The Breakfast Club that, while he doesn’t care about the rapper, he wishes him all the best.

Clearly, something transpired in the past year that would get Chris so heated up to take to his social media page and threaten Drake for his life, UPROXX suggests.

Rihanna wants to make sure she settles this before things get out of hand, a source affirms, continuing by saying that there’s no way she’d let her exes physically fight one another — especially not now that Brown has a daughter to care for.

“Chris Brown, 27, has been doing so well and keeping his a** out of trouble and Ri’s been so proud of him up until he banged on Drake,” a source dished. “She’s disappointed Chris is still affiliated with those people and can’t believe he’s throwing up gang signs for the world to see.”

“She would have hoped that Royalty has humbled him and taught him that he has bigger responsibilities and priorities that are more important than trying to be a gang banger. This has nothing to do with Drake. She’s cool on Drake and is not sticking up for him or coming to his rescue. That’s Taylor’s [Swift] job. She’s just more disappointed in Chris.”

As the source already mentions, Rihanna is very much worried for Royalty and her safety in all of this. Chris has been facing so much legal drama that by adding Drake to that list, he’s bound to lose custody of his daughter if things continue this way.

An insider for the outlet concludes by noting that Chris doesn’t play with his words, and Drake is very much aware of this, which is why the “One Dance” rapper has added extra security to his entourage.

While Rihanna will try and convince Chris to stop the feuding, there’s only so much she can do.

“Chris is known to pop off on people at the drop of a dime and surrounds himself with people from the wrong side of the tracks.

“Drake’s going to be taking extra precautions when he’s in LA. He doesn’t know what Chris is capable of and doesn’t want Chris or one of his friends trying to run up on him.”

What do you make of Rihanna trying to be the peacemaker in this situation and end the drama between two of her exes?

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