WWE News: Jeff Hardy Getting A WWE Universal Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar Soon?

The WWE Universe is aware that WWE officials are building to a feud between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar soon, but they are also planning for Jeff Hardy to enter the WWE Universal Title picture soon. Since winning the WWE Universal Championship from Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33, the future of Lesnar's reign as the champion has been a hot topic with the WWE Universe as Brock has taken a long hiatus from WWE.

Meanwhile, Matt and Jeff Hardy are the Raw Tag Team Champions and have reemerged to WWE in a huge way since the grandest stage of them all. There is a lot of speculation about The Hardy Boyz regaining their "Broken" persona over the next few weeks on WWE television. If that happens, WWE officials are expected to push the gimmick on Matt Hardy, which will leave Jeff Hardy open to become a top babyface for WWE.

With everything that is going on, WWE officials have big plans for The Hardy Boyz over the summer. When Brock Lesnar returns to WWE programming with the WWE Universal Title, Raw is expected to receive a big boost of momentum. WWE officials are planning to capitalize on that boost with a rivalry the fans will love.

Brock Lesnar Won the WWE UIniversal Title at Wrestlemania 33
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It has been reported that WWE officials are grooming Jeff Hardy back into the good graces of the WWE fans to push him into the main event. In fact, they're planning a huge rivalry between Hardy and Lesnar over the WWE Universal Championship. The timeline for WWE pulling the trigger for another singles run for Hardy is open because the "Broken" gimmick is still up in the air and Braun Strowman getting his title shot first.

Brock Lesnar is expected to return to WWE programming sometime after WWE Payback. It was announced yesterday that The Beast Incarnate would officially defend the WWE Universal Championship for the first time during the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV in early July. That's a long way from now, but the WWE Universe is expecting Lesnar vs. Strowman for that event, which means the feud with Jeff Hardy won't happen soon.

The Beast will also have a huge match at WWE Summerslam, but his opponent hasn't been revealed yet. It's being rumored that Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Jeff Hardy are all options to face Lesnar. However, Hardy seems to be the most likely considering the creative plans WWE officials have planned for his singles run.

Jeff Hardy to Move to SmackDown Eventually
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WWE officials are hoping to see Jeff Hardy's next run as a singles performer be as successful as his last with the WWE Universe back in 2009. His merchandise sales were through the roof, and Jeff was a top babyface for the company. Apparently, the plan for Hardy vs. Lesnar is to rebuild him to reach that level of success as a babyface in WWE again. Hardy also has such a risk-taking offense; he could be a challenge for The Beast.

There is some speculation about WWE moving Jeff Hardy to SmackDown later on this year during the next WWE Draft. That may or may not happen, but the idea of moving Hardy to SmackDown after a huge rivalry with Brock Lesnar makes a lot of sense. Hardy would no doubt receive a great babyface reaction against The Beast Incarnate, which would serve as a launching pad for WWE officials to make him a top babyface fast.

WWE officials feel confident about Jeff Hardy's ability to become a top guy for the company. The only issue may be his history of violating WWE's Wellness Policy. He currently still has two strikes against him, but he can work one of those strikes off. If Jeff Hardy can stay out of trouble, it seems like the sky will be the limit.

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