Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Call Off Divorce And Expecting Baby No. 4 [Report]

Things might be looking up for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Radar Online reports that the couple is now expecting their fourth child. Will another baby bring them together and call off the divorce?

“Jen couldn’t be happier,” an insider revealed. “All she’s ever wanted is for Ben to stop boozing and partying – and to recommit to their family. With this new baby on the way, he’s making all the right promises.”

Affleck and Garner were married 10 years before announcing their split last summer. The estranged couple had three kids during their time together: Violet (10), Seraphina (7), and Samuel (4). Their marriage fell apart because of the actor’s incessant drinking and gambling as well as reports of an affair with the nanny.

Following the breakup, Affleck kept partying and the couple appeared destined for a divorce. As recently as August, the Batman v Superman star was seen drunk and disheveled at a London night club.

“While Jennifer called it quits, she never wanted a divorce,” an insider spilled.

Garner never officially filed a divorce petition and the pair continued to co-parent their children. In recent weeks, they have allegedly grown closer and were even spotted going to the election polls together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have constantly been spotted together since announcing their split.
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With another baby on the way, Hollywood Life claims that Garner is planning on reconciling with Affleck and even wants to renew vows!

“Jen wants them to be a real family again – and they can, if Ben quits acting like a 20-year-old trapped in a 40-year-old’s body,” the insider added. “And a new baby would be like icing on the reconciliation cake!”

Affleck and Garner have not officially commented on the nature of their marriage or the new baby. According to The Hollywood Gossip, there are good reasons to believe the stories about a potential reconciliation.

It has been some 18 months since Affleck parted ways with Garner, and yet neither of them have filed papers. Furthermore, Affleck is still living in the same house as Garner and the pair are constantly spotted in public together. They claim that they are just co-parenting, but enough time has passed that they should have at least moved out.

If the pregnancy rumors are true, then it’s fairly obvious that Affleck and Garner will call off the divorce and get back together. Of course, it doesn’t seem like good timing to have another child, especially if Affleck hasn’t gotten his act together.

If the actor is still partying around and gambling, then having another kid probably isn’t going to change him. Perhaps the idea of getting a second chance will be enough motivation for him to change? Either way, time will tell if Garner really is pregnant with another kid.

In the meantime, Ben Affleck recently sat down with Variety and opened up about his new flick, Live by Night. The film stars Sienna Miller and Chris Messina and is set during Prohibition.

Affleck decided to make a movie in this era because he wanted to blend modern energy with an old classic. Affleck plays the part of a gangster who moves from an economically devastated Boston to Tampa, Florida.

Ben Affleck in ‘Live by Night.’ [Image by Warner Bros.]

“This is the first movie I’ve made that was really constructed on purpose,” he shared. “I wanted it to feel classic, like it could have been made in the ’70s or even the ’40s, not doing too much cutting, not having very tight close-ups, allowing scenes to play and giving the actors space to play across the frame. But also we’re aware of contemporary audiences’ acclimation. The grammar of film is different now. So it was a challenge.”

William Goldenberg, known for his work on Argo and The Imitation Game, edited the final cut. As far as Goldenberg is concerned, the Prohibition-era film provided him a new and enriching experience in the cut room.

“Often I’m cutting because I’m trying to impose an energy or a style or a story, but there was so much richness in the images, it allowed me to cut in a more traditional way,” he explained.

For Affleck, directing Live by Night was an opportunity to dive into something new and romantic. It was also a chance for him to helm a different kind of movie, one without superheroes and dramatic shots.

“[It used to be] a big, crowd-pleasing, punchy, sexy movie was one with costumes and extras and production design that was going to show you a different world,” Affleck concluded. “Now a blockbuster – you have to wear a cape … not that I have anything against capes.”

Unfortunately, Affleck did not comment on his divorce with Garner or the rumors about a new baby. Hopefully, the couple comes clean about their future plans together before long.

Live by Night is scheduled to open in theaters on December 25, check out the preview below.

Tell us! Do you think Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will be in six months – back together or divorced? Let us know in the comments.

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