November 18, 2016
Blac Chyna Making Amber Rose Dream Kardashian’s Godmother: ‘KUWTK’ Family Furious?

Blac Chyna is making her best pal Amber Rose the godmother to her newborn baby, Dream Kardashian, it has been alleged.

Amber, who has been Blac's good friend for almost four years, showed up to the hospital earlier this week in support of Chyna, who had been gearing up for her arranged C-section procedure.

According to Hollywood Life, there's no doubt that Rose will be the godmother to Blac Chyna's baby — they've been through thick and thin together, and they happen to have children that are in the similar age range.

Blac sees Amber like she's her biological sister and they share everything with one another. Whenever Chyna needs somebody to talk to, Rose has never failed to make herself available for the former stripper's needs — whatever it may be.

Because of this, Blac has all the faith in the world that making Amber her child's godmother is the best decision she's made in a very long time.

With that said, however, Chyna is said to be on the edge, convinced that the likes of Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian won't agree with the idea of having Amber become the godmother of Rob Kardashian's baby.

One has to keep in mind that Amber is also Kanye West's ex-girlfriend. The rapper, who is now happily married to Kim Kardashian, has found himself dissing his former lover on multiple occasions in the past, but according to Amber, the two have squashed their beef and have moved on.

Still, certain members of the Kardashian family will be furious to hear that Amber Rose is Dream's godmother because it'll only start more conflict between Blac Chyna, Rob, and his sisters.

"Rob [Kardashian]'s sisters are going to be mad! Blac Chyna told Rob that she's certain she's going to name Amber [Rose] as Dream's godmother and if and when she does, she wants Rob to control his sisters and their attitude and keep them in check," a source revealed.

"Chyna isn't going to let Rob's family make her baby all about them. That's what's NOT going to happen. Amber's already met Dream and fell in love with her on the spot and Chyna knew at that moment, when she saw Amber holding the baby, she would make an awesome godmother."
It was just eight months ago when Kylie Jenner found out about her brother's sudden decision to propose to Blac before the couple went on to announce the joyful news that they were having a baby together.

Jenner was outraged, under the clear impression that Chyna's only reason for dating Rob was to get back at her for "stealing" her then-fiancé, Tyga, 26, from her.

Blac Chyna's addition to the Kardashian family has ruffled certain people's feathers, to say the least, but sources do reveal that everyone has managed to put their differences aside — especially after learning about Blac's pregnancy.

Kylie and her siblings have accepted the fact that Blac Chyna isn't going anywhere, Hollywood Life reveals, and they understand that. But there's no way they will let Amber Rose become the godmother to Rob's child. Although, considering that it's not their child, they don't have any actual right to prevent Blac from doing so.

What do you think? Will Blac Chyna go against the Kardashians and appoint Amber Rose as Dream's godmother, or will she change her mind in order to prevent any further feuds with the likes of Khloe and Kylie?

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