Luis D. Ortiz Faces Backlash Over New Business: Is He Selling Material Things To Make People Happy?

Luis D. Ortiz is known for his role on Million Dollar Listing: New York, an Emmy-nominated show that airs on Bravo. He landed the role on the show during the second season after Michael Lorber decided to leave. The franchise ended up becoming a massive success, and Luis really created a recognizable brand. Many people wanted to work with him as a real estate agent, but he wasn’t really happy doing that job anymore. He decided to leave the industry behind and went to travel the world. Now, Luis is back in New York City, and he’s ready to spread the world about happiness — in the form of a business.

According to a new Facebook post, Luis D. Ortiz announced his new project, Happyholics, on Facebook this week, and he admitted that he was a bit nervous about how people would react to his new project. So far, the website is simply a sign-up box where people can leave their email address to stay in touch. But he later announced that he would be selling bracelets to encourage the Happyholics movement.

About 25,000 people signed up on the first day of Luis D. Ortiz launching his new website, and he is excited about the direction of his new website and happiness movement.

“I have just received the samples of the first H A P P Y H O L I C bracelets and I’m in love! Now, the idea behind this concept is not the bracelets. It’s, what they represent. It started this year when I realized that my happiness was being compromised by forgetting to ask myself if I was happy with what I was doing with my life regardless of how successful I was doing it,” Luis D. Ortiz revealed on Facebook yesterday, sharing a picture of the four bracelets that encourage people to be happy.

Earlier this week, D. Ortiz announced that he was working on his new business venture, something he called Happyholics. Luis decided to leave real estate because he wasn’t happy and he decided to travel the world to take some time off. He realized that he wasn’t happy in his situation, so he decided to focus on his book. D. Ortiz was writing a book about his life and how to find happiness.


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Even though D. Ortiz is very happy with his new business venture because he gets to spread the word about how he’s finding his happiness, some people are a bit skeptical about him creating products and selling the idea of happiness. No word on how this business will work. If the content and the bracelets are indeed free, then it really comes down to spreading the word and the power of happiness. If he charges money for the products, it could turn people off.

“So basically your concept is that by buying a bracelet, you should never forget what it represents (happiness). Great marketing concept, but really, you don’t need a bracelet (or any other physical thing) to remind oneself that you are happy no matter what’s going on in life. It’s kind of like saying you need a (physical thing) in your life to remind yourself that you are happy,” one follower wrote to Luis D. Ortiz, questioning whether it was a good thing to encourage people to buy material things to encourage happiness.

The follower continued, “Hate me for saying this, but… you’re ‘Happyholic’ website is basically selling jewelry (and books and tchotchkes)? Jewelry and websites shouldn’t make people happy,…there’s already massive amounts of crap sold on the internet… or is your website for those aspiring to become Happy-holics? or is your website for those to support existing Happy-holics?”

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s new business venture? Do you understand the criticism of him trying to sell happiness through his products, or do you think he just wants to spread the word about what he’s learned about being happy?

[Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]