Fredrik Eklund Shares Heartwarming Story About His Love For New York — And Future Daughter

Fredrik Eklund has always been very vocal about his love for New York City. He has dedicated much of his Instagram posts to the city and he shares many pictures of his life in New York. While Fredrik is indeed from Sweden and his family is all back home, he has a certain love for the Big Apple. He once told a story on Million Dollar Listing: New York about how he went to New York as a child with his father and how he completely fell in love with the city. Now, he’s sharing how he’s excited about showing the big city to his future daughter the way he explored it as a child.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund recently opened up about how he experienced New York as a child. Since Eklund is always sharing lengthy Instagram stories, this one is definitely an interesting one.

“When I was ten years old, my father, Klas Eklund, a Swedish economist, unknowingly changed the course of my life. He had been invited to give a speech in New York City and exchanged the first-class ticket he had received for three economy tickets and brought my older brother, Sigge, and me with him,” Fredrik Eklund reveals about his first trip to New York as a child.

Eklund recalls seeing the yellow cabs on the streets, the tall buildings, and the neon lights in Times Square. Fredrik shares that he saw the good, the bad and the ugly from the car, as they drove through the city.

“The city’s energy, excitement, and vertical living instantly hooked me. There was also a dark side to Gotham that I loved. I could smell the danger. At dusk, the cab took us through Times Square with its neon fireworks, and my jaw dropped,” Fredrik Eklund continues in her Instagram post, sharing that the flashing lights of the tourist cameras were enough for him to become intrigued with the city.

It took years for Fredrik Eklund to move to New York on his own, as he was just a child when he came to New York. But he decided to move to the big city and start working in real estate. He reveals that he had several moments in his life that stand out to him, and driving through New York as a child was one of them. Getting his first commission check was his second highlight. Could a child be the next major moment?

“This was one of those moments. The second was my first commission check. The third was falling in love, and I hope seeing the face of my newborn daughter will someday be one, too,” Fredrik Eklund reveals, sharing that he’s still hopeful about having a daughter.

“Fifteen years later, when I realized that dream and moved to Manhattan, I instantly felt at home, anything was possible. New York was magical to me – it still is. Just walking down Fifth Avenue makes my heart race with excitement. It is empowering to look up at the skyscrapers defy gravity and reaching—like all the dreamers in this city-higher and higher,” Eklund ends his lengthy Instagram post about his journey to New York.

Fredrik Eklund hasn’t said much about his plans to pursue parenthood again. After a miscarriage and failed surrogate attempts, he was completely heartbroken about trying again. He revealed on Million Dollar Listing: New York that he wasn’t up for trying again, but time may have healed some wounds, according to the Daily Mail.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s story about New York? Are you surprised that he’s excited to show his future child the city from his perspective?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]