Fredrik Eklund Loves Fatherhood: Will He Pursue His Own Child Again?

Fredrik Eklund really struggled on this past season of Million Dollar Listing: New York because he was dealing with the miscarriage of his twins from last year. Fredrik was super excited to become a father to a baby girl, so he was surprised to learn that the surrogate was pregnant with twins last year. After announcing that they were expecting twins, Fredrik had to tell the world that their surrogate had miscarried the babies. While his husband, Derek Kaplan, was optimistic and wanted to try again, Fredrik was completely heartbroken. It was tough for him to move on so quickly. He just wanted to give up.

According to a new Instagram, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he’s embracing his new role as a stepfather. On Million Dollar Listing: New York, Derek reminded Fredrik that he was already a father. Fans learned that Derek already had a son, who lived in London. Derek is the biological father of Kai, as he donated his sperm to a lesbian couple who wanted a child. He became a part of the child’s life and since he’s married to Fredrik, Eklund is now a step-father. And it sounds like he’s excited about this new role, as Kai is visiting New York this week.

“Day 2: on our way to the LEGO store! The rule is Kai can have any- and all he wants in the store as long as he can carry it all to the cash register with his two arms #AlreadyAFather,” Fredrik Eklund revealed on Instagram, showing a picture of them together heading to the LEGO store so Kai could go shopping.

This isn’t the first time that they have done this. It sounds like a trip to the LEGO store has become a tradition for these two, as they have done it a few times before. It’s Fredrik Eklund’s way of bonding with Kai. As fans saw on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Eklund revealed that he struggled because of the miscarriage. When the season started, they tried their second round, where they tried to get pregnant again via surrogate. The pregnancy test was negative and Fredrik was ready to walk away from it all. It was an emotional time, but Fredrik revealed he felt alright watching the show again.

“I watched it and I feel OK watching it,” Fredrik Eklund revealed to the Daily Dish when the new season started, according to Bravo, “I’m very proud of this season for me. It’s not that I wasn’t honest in the other seasons, but I think [and] I hope everyone’s going to see a different side of me.”

While many people would want to keep this kind of information private, Fredrik Eklund and his husband decided to share their journey. And it sounds like he doesn’t regret being open and honest about his feelings.

“When I decided I was going to do it, I said [the only way to do it] is to have no filter. And I knew I was going to start crying when I sat in that chair because I had already been crying for weeks… Therefore I don’t feel nervous at all [to have it out there]; it’s the weirdest thing. I think the previous seasons, when you’ve done things that didn’t feel so authentic or you elevated it too much or did something, then it’s like you have this nervousness or hesitation. And now I just feel — I feel really good about it,” Fredrik Eklund revealed in the interview, according to Bravo.

Fredrik hasn’t revealed whether he and Derek have tried again to get pregnant, so they can have their own child. He may keep this information secret for now until he gets the go-ahead from the doctors to announce it.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s taking on the role of a stepfather?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]