Best Buy Black Friday 2016 Deals Vs Target, Walmart: Where Will You Find The Perfect HDTV, PS4, And Xbox One S Bundle?

The Best Buy Black Friday 2016 deals have been unleashed, as have others from Walmart and Target. This might be the perfect time to upgrade your current gaming setup with the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One S, and a bigger or higher-resolution HDTV.

This holiday season has already seen the launches of three consoles, two of which are upgrades and one being a retro bundle. While the NES Classic Edition will likely be sold out to all but the luckiest who camp out on Amazon and other online shopping sites through next July, you can sadly still go to eBay and grab one at a crazy mark-up. Nintendo says they are working to ramp up production on the mini-console, but it’s unknown if they can make the NES Mini at a rate which doesn’t remind hopeful gamers of the Amiibo.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is supposedly Sony’s ultimate upgrade for their latest console. While not being officially called a new console — it’s more of a PS4 with more power — it boasts compatibility with upcoming 4K gaming titles, streams video in 4K, and has HDR support for older games. The console is also fully compatible with what may be a new trend in gaming, the VR headset. Of course, for now, the headset is said to be little more than a gimmick with no serious support, considering that Batman VR is one of its best launch titles.

The Xbox One S is merely a stepping stone toward Microsoft’s upcoming Scorpio; it doesn’t support full 4K just yet (except for video streaming), but it upscales current titles and offers a 4K Blu-ray drive in the unit. The Scorpio is said to be compatible with the Oculus Rift, a device that currently demands a high-end gaming PC to operate correctly.

In a set of lists compiled by ABC News, HDTVs are being discounted in all three of these major outlets. If your budget is tight, you might want to go for the least expensive option at under $100 and skip Target. Twenty-four-inch HDTVs might not be the ultimate home theater experience, but they will work for today’s consoles as a functional option.

Walmart has the 24-inch Samsung for $98.00, which might be the highest quality option compared with the LG LED 720p HDTV for $79.99 from Best Buy. Target’s least expensive option is the 32-inch Polaroid LED TV for $85.00.

On the higher-resolution end, Best Buy appears to live up to their name with the 70-inch Vizio 4K Ultra HD with Chromecast built-in for $999.99. Walmart has the second-most expensive option with the 65-inch Samsung Smart HDTV for $798. Target again comes in last, though not lacking in resolution or quality, with the 60-inch Samsung 4K UHD for $697.99.

BGR has released a list of Best Buy’s ultimate gaming deals, including a PS4 Pro bundled with a 55-inch Toshiba Smart 4K UHD TV for $749.98. The PlayStation 4 can also be bundled with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us Remastered, and Ratchet & Clank for $249.99, according to BFAds.

Also planned are the Xbox One S bundled with Minecraft for $249.99, and the 1TB version bundled with Battlefield 1 Special Edition for $299.99.

Walmart and Target are also offering similar deals on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S, although Target has a slight advantage by offering a $40 gift card alongside them, while Walmart is giving out $30 gift cards.

Neither Walmart nor Target appear to be bundling the consoles with HDTVs, making Best Buy appear to be the store to stop by for their PS4 Pro deal.

Are you planning to take advantage of these Best Buy Black Friday 2016 deals on HDTVs and consoles?

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