Jenelle Evans Custody Battle: Will This ‘Teen Mom’ Try A New Strategy To Get Jace Back?

Jenelle Evans announced this summer that she was pregnant with her third child, and she is expecting a baby girl. This will be the first daughter for the Teen Mom star, who has been dating David Eason for about a year. She announced that this was the man for her as they bonded shortly after she split from Nathan Griffith. He is the father of a boy named Kaiser, who is Jenelle’s second child.

But when it comes to her firstborn son, Jace, it sounds like Evans will have to fight quite the battle to get him back. When her mother gained custody of Jace, she wanted to take care of him as Jenelle was losing control of her life. But now, Barbara has no interest in giving Jace back to Evans.According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she filed custody papers back in January of 2015 to get Jace back in her care. Now, the custody case has drawn out about 2 years, and it sounds like she’s not even close to getting Jace back. Many people felt that she only had a third child to make up for the fact that her firstborn son wasn’t in her care. Even though Evans hasn’t said that she was giving up on her son, many people felt that she had completely given up on getting him back.

“People make mistakes. And they learn from them. And she obviously is. How do u no she aint going for jace?” one person wrote in defense of Jenelle’s decision to get pregnant with her third child, to which Evans wrote, “Exactly my point! I filed for custody in Jan. 2015 and it’s been constantly continued… still is continued until next year.”

It sounds like the judge will take a look at the case next year when Jenelle has given birth to her third child. It is uncertain what her mother has on her daughter that keeps Jenelle’s son in her care rather than turning him over to Evans. Barbara has revealed that she doesn’t want to give him back because she doesn’t want him to hate her for leaving him behind. But as Evans has said, it’s not like he won’t get to see her anymore.


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“That’s so frustrating. I have watched for years and I see how you’ve grown. You deserve your son,” another person wrote back to Jenelle, clearly showing support for the Teen Mom star who signed over custody of Jace when he was just a newborn.

So, is Jenelle Evans trying a new strategy? Well, it sounds like she’s learning a thing or two about how people see her. A judge may look at her past behavior and who she had associated herself with, including her ex-husband Courtland Rogers, and Kaiser’s father, Nathan. And now, Jenelle revealed that she isn’t going to put herself in a situation that makes her look bad, especially if it makes her look guilty by association. It’s uncertain what she’s referring to, but it could help her in her custody battle.

“Don’t put yourself in a situation that will ultimately make you look bad in the end just by association,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, to which people wrote, “You’ve made a history of it. Thanks, for the heads up!!” and “exactly jenelle.. do u know when y’all will start yalls teen mom season? Y’all r starting another one right? I want to see ur beautiful baby girl when she’s born.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweets about her custody battle being drawn out until next year? Do you think her mother needs to give up custody?

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