Jenelle Evans Planning To Start Fashion And Glam Empire With New Management?

Jenelle Evans just announced that she’s pregnant with her third child, and she’s expecting a baby girl. She already has two boys with two different men. Over the past couple of years, Jenelle has been desperate in finding a stable relationship, where she could feel comfortable and possibly have more children. And it sounds like she’s finally found love and comfort with David Eason. For months, many people have speculated that she would have a third child, especially since she was fighting for custody over her first-born son Jace, and David had some custody issues with regards to his own child.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she isn’t just focusing on her pregnancy. In fact, she’s already thinking about her newest business ventures. A few months back, Evans revealed that she was thinking about starting a cosmetics line, something that Chelsea Houska has been thinking about for a long time. Chelsea went to school for cosmetics, makeup and skin treatments, but Jenelle wants to get involved too.

“I’m so happy for this opportunity to team up with some of the best people for future ideas of mine! Cannot wait to get it all started soon. Thanks for dinner! #MomGotToEat #Cosmetics #GlamBus #KidFashion,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with a group of people.

It sounds like she’s thinking about growing her personal brand over the next couple of months. Just a few months ago, Jenelle completely flipped out on Twitter after accusing her management of stealing money from her. She also called some of her Teen Mom stars for copycats, even though she’s going to do her own cosmetics line and write a book, which is copying her own co-stars.

Over the past few years, Evans has promised many things to her fans, but it sounds like she’s very busy being a mother and she gets sidetracked with some of her business products and promises. And now that she’s pregnant with her baby girl, one can imagine that she wants to focus on becoming a mother for the third time, and she recently opened up about how she’s enjoying this third pregnancy.

“I just bought a lot of land and I’m about to put a house on it. I’m just ready to move in and start decorating,” Jenelle Evans revealed to PEOPLE magazine about her third pregnancy, adding about her nursery, “I’m thinking a gold, pink and grey theme with roses.”

She even admits that she will ask women on the street about their maternity clothing because she wants to stay stylish.

“If I see a pregnant woman, one thing I would stop and tell her… it would probably be a question, ‘Where did you get that outfit?'” Jenelle Evans reveals to PEOPLE about her pregnancy, adding, “The most important thing a parent has taught me is definitely keep calm when your children throw temper tantrums. Because it can get crazy.”

It sounds like Jenelle Evans is hoping for a good birth, where the epidural works. While she was giving birth to Kaiser, the drug didn’t work, and she had to go through a natural birth.

“One time I almost lost it during pregnancy, it was my second son, Kaiser,” Evans added, sharing, “The epidural just didn’t work and they came in and fixed it, [but] it didn’t work again. So, they just said ‘Welp, we just got to do it.’ So, I did it natural birth, and it was the worst pain in my life.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ decision to change her management? Do you think she will finally start producing some content for fans?

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