Has Jenelle Evans Completely Given Up On Getting Custody Of Jace?

Jenelle Evans is currently expecting her third child, and she’s excited that she’s finally having a little baby girl. Jenelle currently has two sons, and a baby girl would make her family complete.

While she’s sharing custody of her son Kaiser with Nathan Griffith, her mother is still battling to keep Jace, her oldest son. As many Teen Mom fans know, Jenelle gave her mother temporary custody of Jace back in 2009, because she was simply too young to take care of her son. Evans didn’t have a job and didn’t have any health insurance. If Jenelle’s mother got custody, Jace would at least be protected and have health care. Now, seven years later, Evans is still trying to get her son back in her care.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Jenelle Evans has revealed that she’s ready to regain full custody of her son. And despite being pregnant with her third child, Evans feels that she’s more than capable now of taking care of her son. Just because she hasn’t shared any details of the custody case doesn’t mean she has stopped fighting. In fact, it sounds like her mother may be making it difficult for her to regain custody.

“We haven’t even had, like, one real court date trial for Jace’s case,” Jenelle Evans told Us Weekly in an interview, where she revealed that her lawyer has been battling her mother’s lawyer in court. “It’s been going for a year and a half and my lawyer has been going to court for me and my mom’s lawyer has been continuing it. She continued it three different times… hopefully we get this all resolved in October when the court date comes.”

Many of her Teen Mom fans have asked her why she just hasn’t taken her mother to court. It sounds like her mother, Barbara, is doing everything possible to avoid a court date with her child. So when people ask Evans why she hasn’t been to court, it surely isn’t for the lack of trying.

“Why hasn’t it happened yet? Because I’m just waiting to go to court!” Jenelle Evans revealed during the interview, adding, “That’s all! I’m ready, I’m prepared. I’m just waiting to go.”

Barbara keeps arguing that she doesn’t want to place Jace in a home where there’s arguing. And even though Jenelle Evans claims that they don’t argue, Barbara then says that she doesn’t want Jace to hate her for giving him up. Regardless of the situation, she has an argument ready as to why she shouldn’t let him go just yet.

“I think she’s just too attached right now. I mean, I don’t understand what the issue is with him being back with me and I don’t see what the big deal is. But I think she’s just making up excuses because she’s attached,” Jenelle Evans reveals about her mother, adding, “Like right now, if I bring it up to her she’s like, ‘Well let’s see what the judge says, well let’s see what the judge says.’ So she won’t even discuss it with me.”

But the interview with Us Weekly wasn’t entirely about her custody battle with her mother. Just last week, Evans revealed that she was indeed pregnant after weeks of speculation. Jenelle just wanted to wait until she knew whether she was having a boy or a girl to share the news with the world. And it sounds like this pregnancy is taking up her time.

“I’ve got my girl now, and I’m very ecstatic, very happy to be actually decorating stuff and all girls stuff, and all my friends are like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re going to be so spoiled!'” Jenelle Evans revealed during her interview.

She also spoke to People magazine about her pregnancy, sharing that all of her friends are excited for her because she’s now having that baby girl she always wanted.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ comments about her custody battle? Do you think her mother needs to give up custody of Jace?

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