Bryan Cranston’s Shocking Memoir Reveals Dark Fantasies, Violent Outbursts: ‘The Body Slid To The Floor’

Bryan Cranston made headlines recently with his surprising backflip in his stance on Donald Trump.

But the shock election result is not the only matter that the Breaking Bad actor has been involved in recently. Bryan Cranston is well-known for portraying multifaceted characters in television programs and movies like Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, The Infiltrator, and All the Way. Now, Cranston is set to play the role of Sage Zordon in the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

His ability to portray diverse characters with different personalities has enabled the Trumbo actor to build a huge fan base. However, many fans who recognize the actor for his brilliant portrayal of President Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way might be surprised to learn that the actor revealed he had a dream about harming people he disliked.

A Life in Parts, Cranston’s memoir, reveals the actor harbored so much anger towards Ana, his stalker ex-girlfriend, that he daydreamed he was slamming her head against the wall. According to E!, Cranston revealed his fantasy turned horrendously violent when Ana’s head was almost smashed open.

“I remained calm. I was released from fear and anger. I wasn’t glad or relieved or filled with satisfaction. I felt nothing. I let go of her and the body slid to the floor”.

Brian Cranston recently appeared on The Tonight Show, and the actor who played jovial Dr. Tim Whatley from Seinfeld admitted jokingly that he often thinks of ways to get rid of people he dislikes.

Time magazine reports that Cranston recalled an incident when he and his brother worked in a Polynesian restaurant to earn money to finance their motorcycle trip across the U.S. While working at the restaurant, the two brothers came across a chef who annoyed them. The brothers disliked the chef so much that they vented their anger by jokingly thinking about different ways of killing him. However, the brothers would quickly realize that the circumstances in their made-up stories and plots would eventually point to them as prime suspects.

Bryan Cranston’s revelation suggests that the actor is a sensitive man, with emotions that run high on occasion. In fact, his sister encouraged him to see a professional therapist when going through a tough time after his father’s death. Cranston believes there’s no harm in seeking professional help when trying to cope with difficult challenges.

According to E!, A Life in Parts reveals that the actor and his wife, Robin Dearden, have no hesitation in seeing a couple’s therapist when trying to improve their quality of life.

“I see a therapist from time to time when I’m feeling edgy or anxious, and Robin and I have been to a couples’ therapist periodically. We have an agreement. If either of us feels like going, the other can’t object.”

In fact, the couple began visiting counselors to work out their problems even before they were married. Bryan Cranston may appear to be a scary celebrity due because of his rather frightening revelations, but he still thinks of himself as a romantic. He recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about the moment he proposed to his now-wife, Robin. Mashable reported that the actor gave Robin the surprise of her life when he proposed during a bubble bath.

Robin never suspected that Bryan Cranston would pop the question during the bubble bath because the actor was hiding the ring by wearing it on his little toe. It appears that Cranston is a celebrity who believes that romance and sex go hand-in-hand because his memoir talks about another incident when he lost his virginity to a prostitute. His first sexual encounter wasn’t an experience he’ll ever appreciate because it didn’t involve the required emotional attachment to his partner.

[Featured Image by Amy Sussman/AP Images]