Obama Has Deported More Immigrants Than Trump Is Saying He Will

If Donald Trump had said during his campaign that he wanted to greatly expand America's drone program and bomb twice as many countries as his predecessor's administration, liberals would be losing their minds right now. But according to We Are Change, that's exactly what happened under the administration of President Obama, who is receiving a loving hero's farewell with enthusiastic fanfare from Democrats all over the nation.

If Donald Trump had pledged during his campaign to reverse America's trend toward nuclear disarmament and commit more than a trillion dollars to developing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, liberals would never shut up about it. Yet according to The Guardian, that's exactly what Obama has done. And I bet you've never heard a Democrat make a peep about it.

If Donald Trump had promised during his campaign to greatly expand the Patriot Act, install an Orwellian surveillance program, and prosecute more whistleblowers than any previous administration, liberals would go nuts. But, of course, their hero Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner and darling of the political left, has done all of these things.

And right now America is experiencing riots and protests from coast to coast in response to the election of the horrible immigrant-deporting xenophobe Donald Trump, who said in his recent 60 Minutes interview on CBS that he plans to begin deporting two to three million illegal immigrants when he takes office.

You guessed it. Obama's already done that.

According to a Pew Research data analysis released in August, the Obama administration deported an unprecedented 2.4 million illegal immigrants between 2009 when he took office and 2014, the last year data was available. So by 2014, Obama had already deported well above Trump's minimum estimate of two million undocumented immigrants. Looking at the data, you can see that the Obama administration deported 414,481 immigrants in fiscal year 2014 (not even his highest year); if we assume his numbers stayed about the same we can reasonably estimate that that puts him at more than 3.2 million deportations by the end of 2016, well above Trump's own highest estimate.

Where were the protests, liberals? Where were the safety pins? You folks who mere days ago were promising you'll "hold Hillary's feet to the fire" to ensure that she sticks to a progressive agenda, you never raised a finger for America's undocumented immigrants when Obama deported more of them than any previous administration in history. And now you're in the streets rioting and protesting because your identity politics aren't getting tickled this year.

This is not a pro-Trump article. This is not even really an anti-Obama article. This is a "look at yourselves, liberals" article.

I despise the term "social justice warrior." I find it infuriating that grown adults are beginning to use this pejorative cooked up by the children on 4chan to shame people for speaking out on issues of social justice and civil rights at a time when we need far more such advocacy, not less. My general response to being called an "SJW" is "Yes, I fight for social justice. Why don't you?"

But now, looking at all these self-righteous people at these protests, using the issue of illegal immigration to puff themselves up and make themselves feel like noble warriors fighting oppression when really they're just having a tantrum because they find the presidential election results egoically inconvenient, I almost get it. Nobody at those protests in Portland and San Francisco has ever protested anything the leader of their tribe did; they never would have dreamed of it. This is not and has never been about social justice, and it's certainly not about "love trumping hate." This is about identity politics, plain and simple, and identity politics and loyalties to establishments are exactly what's going to kill our revolution if we don't knock it off.

Look at yourselves, liberals. Please. The progressive awakening depends upon your recognizing this stuff.

[Featured Image by Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock.com]