WWE News: Five Heels Including Alexa Bliss & The Miz Break Character For Hilarious 'Tight Pants' Viral Video

What happens when five heels break character while on WWE's overseas tour? A hilarious viral video is created, of course! During the WWE live event in Belfast, Ireland, a major heel group that included Alexa Bliss, The Miz, and his wife Maryse all got into the singing and dancing spirit. The result was a funny new video that is now making the rounds online.

This past weekend, superstars including Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, and Maryse posted a new video on their social media. The video, which clocks in at under a minute, opens with a shot of just a security guard seen sitting in a chair in a room down a hallway. Suddenly, some music starts up. It's not a wrestler's theme music, though, it's the "Tight Pants" song, made popular by Jimmy Fallon on his late night show. From there, hilarity ensues as Maryse and The Miz appear from one side. Soon after, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Titus O'Neil all appear as part of the dancing group. The five heels start to sing and dance to the song that Fallon has done on his show several times, and it ends up being a smash hit.

WWE Raw The Miz and Maryse host MizTV
The "It Couple" are the hosts for "MizTV" on Raw, but in Belfast, they are song and dance specialists. [Image by WWE]

Since this past week, both the Raw and SmackDown rosters have been on overseas tours for live events. The superstars will continue their tour with shows on Sunday in Liverpool, England from Echo Arena, and a show at the Coliseum Da Coruna in Spain. The upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw will be held at the O2 London Arena in England. One has to wonder if Michael Cole and company will hype up the viral video during the show since WWE loves to boast when it comes to social media numbers. However, they may leave it alone with major heels in action for the show.

Based on Alexa's tweet, one has to wonder whom they were cheering up, but that story may be on the way soon. Could it have been the security guard seated behind them that they were trying to entertain, or someone off camera?

As mentioned, the entertaining routine was borrowed from late night television. As Sports Illustrated reported, Fallon has performed the "Tight Pants" routine on his show with a number of celebrities. They've included Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Will Ferrell. As of this report, it has yet to feature WWE superstars on Fallon's show, but that could be coming soon based on the virality of their latest performance.

WWE Raw Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss in match
"May I have this dance?" The monstrous Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss compete on WWE Raw. [Image by WWE]

What makes this performance so great is seeing the WWE superstars just having some fun while on tour, and not having to be "in character" all the time. The fact that it includes arguably the best men's and women's heels right now with The Miz, Alexa Bliss, and Maryse makes it great. The additions of Nia Jax and Titus O'Neil also lend to the performance due to their recent storylines on Raw. Nia has been portrayed as the brute force of the women's division, steamrolling over opponents in her way. Titus hasn't necessarily been as "heelish" as the rest, yet, but something could be on the way with his alignment with Apollo Crews.

Speaking of Titus, it seems he's probably the only one who didn't get the memo that "tight pants" rather than "tight trunks" are required. Still, that helps make the video even funnier to witness as he really gets into the dancing with the rest of the WWE crew.

Some WWE fans may be disappointed in seeing superstars portrayed as heels breaking character like this, but it shows the real and fun side of the performers. Outside of the ring, most of the stars are great to the fans when it comes down to it. However, if Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt were included in the "Tight Pants" video, it just might have broken the internet.

WWE fans, what do you think about the viral video featuring The Miz, Alexa Bliss, Maryse, Nia Jax, and Titus O'Neil? Is breaking character like this good to see on their social media when they portray heels on WWE programming?

[Featured Image by WWE]