Burger King Unveils Pumpkin Burger In Japan

Fast food giant Burger King recently unveiled their new pumpkin burger in Japan, according to Rocket News 24. The menu item, which is known as the BK Pumpkin, will be available in area locations starting October 26. Although the burger comes with only two slices of Japanese squash, you can upgrade your selection for just a handful of yen.

The folks at Kotaku report that, while Burger King is advertising the latest addition to their stable of foodstuffs as a pumpkin burger, the item is actually loaded with slices of kabocha. If you feel the two slices aren’t enough to satiate your appetite for peculiar fast food, then you can upgrade the burger to the “Bomb Pumpkin,” which features ten slices of the green Japanese squash.

In addition to kabocha, the BK Pumpkin comes with bacon, lettuce, and the company’s traditional flame broiled beef patty. Adding a little spice to the sandwich is a special sauce that blends together peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and sesame. To top it all off, the bun is cut to resemble a pumpkin.

Kabocha is reportedly the traditional fall and winter dish in Japan, which explains why Burger King is attempting to peddle its latest creation on its customers. Although the dish is being offered up as a pre-Halloween delight, the item will be available in the country through December.

According to The Huffington Post, the BK Pumpkin will cost around $3.90, though you can always upgrade to the Bomb Pumpkin for an additional $1.75. What’s more, you can always add the Japanese squash to any menu item for only 75 cents a piece.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has offered up curious menu items in Japan. Last September, the company released a black bun burger that comes equipped with a healthy squirt of black squid ink ketchup. In order to give the bun its deep, rich coloring, the masterminds behind the burger mixed bamboo charcoal into the dough.

Would you try Burger King’s pumpkin burger if it was released in your area?