Puppy Stolen During Second Home Invasion In Philadelphia

A puppy was stolen during a second break-in at a Philadelphia home, according to the New York Daily News. The first time the thieves struck the home, they managed to cart away a large portion of the food contained within the refrigerator. Now the burglars have struck again, this time stealing the family’s new puppy.

In addition to the tiny dog, the thieves also made off with a 52-inch television set, a bundle of clothes, and some party favors set aside for a little boy’s upcoming birthday celebration. Mom Rachael Schortye and her family are understandably upset and disturbed by the recent turn of events.

“The TV was a gift for them,” she explained to NBC 10 Philadelphia. “I don’t have the money to replace this stuff.”

Police explained that thieves have been entering area homes by cutting holes in window screens. After the entrance has been properly fashioned, the burglars then crawl inside and help themselves to whatever they can get their hands on. In Schortye’s case, the criminals managed to gain access to her home through the screen located on her porch.

Last Monday, thieves entered the home courtesy of the unlocked front door. The perpetrators managed to clear out the refrigerator without alerting any of the sleeping family members. One week later, thieves have struck again, this time taking a 3-month old puppy named Miss Piggy with them.

Other residents in the neighborhood has been plagued by break-ins, as well. One individual who lives two blocks away from Rachael Schortye was hospitalized after someone broke into her home on October 7. One day later, a potential burglar was chased away before the individual could gain access to the home.

As of this writing, Philadelphia police have not made any arrests in connection to the burglary. The stolen puppy has yet to be returned to the family.