Donald Trump On LGBT Issues: Poised To Be First President To Appoint An Openly Gay Cabinet Member

President-elect Donald Trump has been blasted by the media and many on the left for being “racist, sexist and homophobic.” However, is the 45th President of the United States really the divisive figure that has been plastered on the television screen these past few months?

Looking back at Trump’s past interviews (pre-presidency), presidential campaign statements and purported cabinet short-list, it appears that the candidate may not only be an LGBT advocate, but the advocate that the Democrats have failed to give the LGBT community in the past. In fact, Trump’s LGBT stance seems to be by most accounts more liberal than conservative providing a gateway for the LGBT community into a more accepting Republican party.

To fully understand Trump’s stance on the LGBT community, we must look to his actions and interviews prior to throwing his hat into the presidential race. While many politicians on the left campaign on a platform of LGBT rights, many in the community have felt their voices have been marginalized as LGBT issues are placed on the back burner by the very party claiming to cater policy to their needs. Trump actually blasted politicians openly for their stance on LGBT issues and gave a very blunt interview to the Advocate magazine, a publication that caters to the LGBT community.

In the interview from 2000, Trump notes that he judges each person their “capability, honesty, and merit” and says that the lifestyle of those talented individuals is of no interest to him.

“I grew up in New York City, a town with different races, religions, and peoples. It breeds tolerance. In all truth, I don’t care whether or not a person is gay. I judge people based on their capability, honesty, and merit. Their lifestyle is of no interest to me.”

Supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (red hat) wearing a shirt that says Gays for Trump
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He went on to say that he supports the amendment of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. He goes on to show support for gays in the military noting that the “don’t ask don’t tell” doesn’t work and that we should follow the lead of other European countries in this regard.

“Gay people serve effectively in the military in a number of European countries. There is no reason why they can’t serve in the United States.”

Trump doubled-down on his assertion calling Bush a disappointment for not passing a hate-crime bill calling for the passing of a stricter hate-crime bill.

“This is one of my great disappointments with George W. Bush. He had the opportunity in Texas to show national leadership by passing a hate-crimes bill but didn’t — presumably from pressure from the Christian right. When somebody is victimized because of their ethnicity, the color of their skin, or their sexual orientation, that must carry a harsh penalty.”

The Advocate even asked Trump, if he were to ever become president, would a gay person be included the Trump Administration. The businessman stuck to his guns noting that he doesn’t care what the sexual orientation of an individual is, he picks the best and the brightest regardless of their personal lifestyle choices.

“I would want the best and brightest. Sexual orientation would be meaningless. I’m looking for brains and experience. If the best person for the job happens to be gay, I would certainly appoint them.”

Though the interview was given 16 years ago, it seems Trump hasn’t changed his opinion on the hiring of people in the LGBT community. In fact, Trump has placed openly gay Richard Grenell on his short list of potential candidates for the position of UN Ambassador. If Trump brings Grenell on as U.N. Ambassador, the Gateway Pundit notes that he will become the first president to appoint an openly gay person to his cabinet, marking a huge milestone for LGBT rights in the United States.

Similarly, Trump was the first Republican candidate to have an openly gay individual speak on his behalf at the Republican National Convention. Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, who is also openly gay, spoke at the RNC in support of Trump.

Grenell has not been shy about his support of Trump and says that the media has ignored many of the LGBT milestones that took place this election because it didn’t “fit their narrative.” In an op-ed for the Washington Times, Grenell says that no other Republican candidate in history has embraced the LGBT community like Trump. Grenell notes that Trump proudly held a flag for gay equality at one of this rallies but that the media simply ignored it or refused to report it.

“Mr. Trump proudly held up a rainbow flag with the words ‘LGBT for Trump’ written on it to a cheering crowd of thousands. It was an historic moment for gay equality and the Party of Lincoln as the 2016 GOP nominee for President of the United States held high the flag for gay equality.”

Trump’s campaign spokesman Jason Miller also confirmed that Trump doesn’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation, he wants to be a president for all Americans. He says Trump was proud to hold that flag and that he wants to help protect minorities, women and gays from the repressive regimes of the past.

“Mr. Trump is campaigning to be President for ALL Americans and was proud to carry the ‘LGBT for Trump’ rainbow flag on stage in Greeley, CO yesterday.”

To further ensure representation of the gay community, Trump has added Peter Thiel to his presidential transition team. Therefore, it seems that the president-elect is at least paving the way for more LGBT involvement in the Republican Party moving forward.

What do you think about the possibility of Trump appointing the first openly gay person to a presidential cabinet in history?

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