Justin Britt’s Stolen Car: Seahawks Player Deletes Request For Help

Justin Britt has revealed that he's back for another season with the Seattle Seahawks and he has revealed on social media that he's excited about returning to the field and playing football with his fellow teammates. And while Justin may not be the player people think about when they think of the Seattle Seahawks, it sounds like Britt learned this weekend that fans of the team were more than willing to help him out during a time of need. As it turns out, Justin's car was stolen over the weekend, and he hinted that it had been stolen from his property. He shared a picture of the car and a plea to fans to keep their eyes open.

According to a new tweet, Justin Britt revealed that the car had been stolen from Renton, which is a city in King County, Washington. It is located about 11 miles southeast of downtown Seattle where the stadium is located. In other words, fans shouldn't necessarily look for the car around Seattle. And maybe Justin Britt didn't share that it was stolen from his home, as he doesn't need 100,000 fans from the area showing up at his front door to say hello. After asking his Twitter follower for help and sharing pictures of the car, Britt deleted the tweet.

"This car was stolen early this morning in Renton. If you see this car please contact the Police and myself with information," he had originally tweeted, which caused many of his teammates to retweet to their own followers.

Within a few hours, Justin Britt's tweet had reached thousands of people -- if not millions -- as his teammates had shared his plea for help. And maybe he realized just how powerful social media can be. While many of these players enjoy their privacy, the location of their homes can quickly go viral when they reach out and ask for help. And while some followers expressed sadness over his situation, others tried to help by sharing where they may have seen a car like it.

"You have a back window sticker like a Seahawk? Maybe saw a car like that in Everett 15 min ago," one person tweeted to Justin Britt, who replied with, "No back window sticker."

"A chance it could've been it & they put the sticker on it," the follower wrote back to Britt, and this exchange stayed on Britt's Twitter profile even though the original tweet about the car being stolen was deleted.

Britt never updated fans on the status of the stolen car, but he did delete his initial tweet. Maybe police offered an update on the car, or maybe they found it. It is also possible that nothing happened and Justin Britt is still missing his car. But if the car hasn't been found, it makes no sense why he would delete his request for help finding it. However, this morning, Justin had deleted his tweet, and if it wasn't for the one exchange with a fan, then there would be no evidence that his car had even been stolen. Britt had also released parts of his license plate on Twitter but deleted the tweet as well.

But this experience does reveal one thing; Seattle Seahawks fans are ready and willing to help when the players need it. After his teammates shared the retweet, many fans reached out to help.

What do you think of Justin Britt's decision to delete his initial tweet about his car? Do you think he deleted it to protect his privacy and his family, or do you think the car was perhaps found?

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]