Kim Zolciak's Instagram Photo Of Her Son Kash's Dog-Bitten Face Gets 52K Likes And 2.5K Comments In One Hour

Kim Zolciak posted the following photo to her Instagram account, named "Kim Zolciak Biermann," and the photo quickly went viral. Zolciak published a photo of her son Kash in the wake of Kash being bitten by a dog. Speculation existed on how bad Kash's injuries were after news broke about Kim's son getting bitten by a dog, and now the public is getting a good look at Zolciak's son's injuries.

Zolciak wrote in the description of the Instagram photo that Kim and Kash and the entire Zolciak-Biermann Family wanted to thank all of her Instagram fans for their prayers. Kim continued, writing that Kash has made a miraculous healing in the wake of the dog bite, and Zolciak noted that Kash's vision is perfect in his left eye. The Instagram photo shows Kash's left eye as it appears swollen and bruised, with what appear to be dog bite marks nearby. With Zolciak writing that Kash had to endure getting stitches on the water line of his eye, her Instagram followers who follow plenty of makeup gurus that place eyeliner on the water line of their eyes know how delicate that area can be. However, Zolciak gave praise to God as she wrote that Kash's eyeball wasn't touched.

Using the Instagram hashtags #IBelieveInAngels and #GodIsSoGood, Zolciak also gave thanks to doctors and plastic surgeons for helping her son recover from the ravages of the dog bite.

The Zolciak-Biermann Instagram account, according to TMZ, posted a photo from Zolciak that displayed Kash's post-surgery photo that proves Kim's 4-year-old son indeed suffered "traumatic" injuries, as Zolciak had called the dog bite aftermath.

However, what's still a mystery with the Zolciak dog bite situation is exactly what dog bit Kash, and whose dog it was. Whereas Kim's Instagram fans are over the moon that Kash is doing better in the wake of the traumatic dog bite, there are still plenty of questions about when and where the dog bite happened that likely won't go away.

Zolciak-Biermann first burst on the scene of reality TV as one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, with Kim only being known as Kim Zolciak back in those days. Eventually, Kim became a breakout star of the show and even experienced being the star of her own spin-off shows.

As seen in the top photo above, Zolciak appeared on Good Morning America in New York City to promote a new season of Dancing with the Stars.

Some of the responses Zolciak is receiving on Instagram can be read below.
"God is good he such a beautiful little boy and will continue to be I hope his heart and his spirit will always remain the same even though, he was scared."

"Y'all, if she tells US the story, then she can't sell it and make money. I'm sure the exclusive is being shopped around and we'll all know soon enough."

"Thank God he's okay!"

"Poor baby this breaks my heart! Glad to hear he is doing better. Sending love and prayers!!"

"@kimzolciakbiermann praying for your son can you tell us what happened so we can be alert and know..what to do did the pet just so it out of no where?"

"Bless you guys."

"God is good!!! So glad to see he's healing up well!!!"

"Poor baby. Your baby. So glad he is healing."

"What dog bit him!!!!!!"

"Haven't heard anything about whose dogs bit her son in the face. Makes me believe it was one of their own dogs that did this."

"Regardless, it's good to see her son is ok."

"So glad he is doing good. God is great. Such a precious family."

"Thanks God he is almost fine!!"

"God is good!!! He's still handsome!!!! @kimzolciakbiermann"

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